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One Piece has earned one of the audiences with the greatest activity to make theories around the series and there are even some users who have earned their merits for the complexity or precision to get the events of the series right. anime / manga, What does the author of One Piece about people who make theories?

Eiichiro Oda gave his opinion on the people dedicated to making theories around his series in the extra annotations including the volume 101 of manga.

“I know that YouTubers exist and I have seen some of their videos. I’m surprised they are so knowledgeable about One Piece! but keep in mind that you shouldn’t watch their prediction / theory videos as they might hit the mark. It would be dangerous for me to assume that his knowledge of One Piece is the level of my entire audience. Many people read One Piece just to casually enjoy it, so I have to handle my narration in a way that is suitable for everyone’s level of knowledge.

Volumen 101 del manga de One Piece | Foto: Jump Comics/Shueisha

The above could explain why One Piece It has become an intergenerational series, which even after having 1000 episodes continues to add new followers of all ages and over the years.

One Piece It is at a critical point in its history, so Oda-sensei is happy with the passion and the time that they dedicate to it, but he is also very aware that as an author, his vision must be unbreakable.

“If I were to draw from what those YouTubers mention it would corrupt me as a mangaka, because I would start to think that my audience can understand what is happening, even if I skip some explanations. I don’t intend to heavily censor you, so feel free to enjoy One Piece YouTubers. “

Habemus poster de One Piece | Foto: Shueisha

With information from: Volume 101 of One Piece manga


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