One Piece: This is how the cyberattack of the animation studio Toei Animation was born

In mid-March, we reported to you, the Japanese anime studio Animation Toeiknown for countless hit series victim of a cyberattack. The company has since announced how did the hack happenwhich was to have far-reaching consequences.

Employee upload opened a gateway for hacking

After the band announced last month that they were getting to the bottom of the incident, it’s now done result of these investigations published (via Comic Book). He says the stumbling block was the upload done by a Toei Animation employee who Business software downloaded had. However, the file in question is with but with Ransomware been infected.

Specifically, the document, which was downloaded from an external site, contained a malicious virus. Third parties would agree to this March 6, 2022 unauthorized access to internal data of the Japanese animation studio. As a result, various Toei Animation files have been encrypted, which serious impact should have on several animated productions.

As we know, the cyberattack led to a mandatory break for various animated series. Following a piece were also up Digimon Ghost Game, Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai and Delicious Party Precure affected. In addition, the cinema release originally scheduled for April 22, 2022 had to be canceled Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes be moved.

But now everything would be back work normally and Toei Animation announced that the company has the taken proceduresto prevent similar attacks in the future. In addition, all the anime series concerned are once again regularly broadcast on television.

Son-Gohan is the focus of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’

Plus, “Dragon Ball” fans have reason to be happy, as the upcoming animated movie of the cult franchise is now June 11, 2022 in Japanese cinemas. However, it is still unknown if the latest offshoot of the series will reach us in the near future.

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