One Piece: this is how the death of this character affects the story

Sentomaru was a key piece for the crew to find themselves in trouble against CP0.

Luffy fighting Lucci

At the moment One Piece events have focused on the mysterious identity of Dr. Vegapunk and the six satellites created by himself. So, although the secrets around the scientist are the focus of attention within this plot arc developed on Egghead Island, the home of Vegapunk, Eiichiro Oda has brought to history other equally important events for luffy. And the 1069 chapter brought out the rivalry between Captain Straw Hat and Rob Lucci.

A conflict that is not new

For context, from the Enies Lobby arc, Lucci was a member of CP9 tasked with retrieving the Pluton plans and bringing Nico Robin before the feared World Government. But those who have closely followed the pirate series can gauge the est implications. Given Luffy’s character, extremely protective and loyal, he was not going to allow Lucci to harm one of his companions; therefore, the expected thing happened: declared war on CP9 and the World Government.


Lucci’s fight against Luffy.

So, taking into account the above, the last confrontation managed to highlight these not so recent rough edges between the two. And, although the combat was close enough, luffy got the win. But since then they haven’t seen each other again… until now, in the Egghead Island arc. Their encounter was filled with irrepressible rage, or at least on the part of Lucci, who used his new transformation resulting from the awakening of the devil fruit.

This display of power by Lucci let us know that he had not forgotten his rivalry with the Captain and that, of course, as hard as he tried, Luffy was too strong for him., since his attacks were in vain. If he had continued the battle, Lucci would have lost resoundingly, however, the arrival of Sentomaru together with three Seraphim gave way to a rather particular situation.

His appearance was the work of Dr. Vegapunk, so the marine could not refuse at the request of the one who saved his life in his youth. But this was not an isolated event, since the scientist knew exactly what he was doing. Sentomaru had the ability to defeat whoever had the authority chip, he gave an order to escort the pirates and Lucci quickly took the opportunity to attack the newcomer.

In this way, Sentomaru received a brutal blow which caused him to collapse and appear to have died, so CP0’s Authority chips were able to save themselves from Sentomaru and Vegapunk’s apparent raid. And not only that, but they took control of the four seraphim to fight powerful enemies like Sanji or Blackbeard.

Even though Luffy had enough power to take on each one, unfortunately Vegapunk’s plan failed and the pirates were forced to escape from the island. However, they would have to face them at some point.

Kizaru could be the solution for the Straw Hats

For his part, Kizaru was about to arrive at Egghead Island. to ensure the victory of CP0. Which didn’t bode well for the crew since none of the crew members were capable of successfully confronting a Navy admiral, except for Luffy. In fact, the last time they came face to face in combat, they had a terrible time, had it not been for Rayleigh who saved them from extermination.

Now here is an interesting point and it is that Kizaru and Sentomaru became close. during his stay in Sabaody. So by the time he arrives and finds out what happened with Sentomaru, he’s likely to react aggressively and attack Lucci. But we will only know that once he sees the wounded body of his former partner.


One Piece Chapter 1069, Kuma’s behavior

On the side, Kuma’s erratic behavior shown in chapter 1069 also proves that his arrival on Egghead Island could have been a result of the power he used from the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi to withdraw from Kamabakka and thus derive in a confrontation against the CP0. However, if Kuma joins the efforts Paired with a wrathful Kizaru, perhaps it wouldn’t be so difficult for the crew to take on their enemies.