One Piece: this is how Yamato would behave if he joined the mugiwara


It would be an interesting twist to the story…

Now that the story arc of the Wano country has had a worthy end, both for Kaido and for Luffy and his allies, there is a doubt as to whether Yamato will get on the Thousand Sunny or not. However, we may have already seen some glimpses of what this would mean, especially for our well-known captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

For starters, it’s not uncommon for Luffy’s crew to grow naturally after solving a problem. In fact, Many One Piece members hope that Yamato will join the Straw Hat Pirates on their adventures. Her bubbly personality and sheer power make her a good fit for the crew. Furthermore, she has expressly stated her desire to go out to sea with Luffy to meet the world beyond Wano’s barriers. Nothing is set in stone, but it seems likely that Yamato will find his way aboard the Thousand Sunny. At least for a while.

If Yamato does indeed spend an extended period of time among the Straw Hats, that can lead to all sorts of possibilities story-wise. Her potential interactions with individual crew members could result in several interesting stories. Probably the most anticipated is Monkey D. Luffy’s.

To get started. Luffy and Yamato have in common: Portgas D. Ace. They both knew him well when he was alive, especially Luffy, and fondly remember their time with him. This connection is also one of the main reasons why Yamato was so eager for Luffy to get to Wano. Nevertheless, now that they’ve fought side by sideyour relationship may turn into a great friendship.

What if Yamato joined the mugiwara in One Piece?

Reminiscent of Oden’s two-sword style, Zoro could become the new teacher for Yamato in One Piece. If Yamato wanted, he could learn some swordsmanship from Zoro to get closer to his idol. It’s hard to imagine her losing her kanabō, but maybe she’ll get a second one or something.. Likewise, they can continue to talk about memories about Oden.

Nami would probably get along with Yamato. Even though she is good at socializing with other girls, she might make room in her heart for Oden’s son. She is also compassionate enough to look past Yamato’s family connection to Kaidō, even if she raises a red flag at first. Although, the “aggressive” style of this warrior may generate quarrels with herLike with the rest of the boys.

zoro and nami one piece

One Piece: Zoro and Nami injured

From how much Yamato talks about his idol Oden, it’s clear that he loves legends and ancient stories. With that in mind, he would make a perfect audience member for one of God Usopp’s tall tales. In such a way that could be the best companion for Usopp in One Piece.

Yamato could blow Sanji’s head off, Kaido’s son? It will be interesting to see if he, like Luffy and the rest of the crew, respects him or if he won’t. Even more so when both have similar family problems. They both hate their heritage because of their parents. When they’re ready, they could discuss this with the oden cooked by Sanji.

one piece

One Piece: Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, Zoro and Nami

Yamato and Chopper have the potential for all kinds of mischief together. Being Zoan-type Devil Fruit partners gives Chopper and Yamato similar options for improvement, both in their personal and fighting relationships. Chopper could potentially develop Rumble Balls that allow Yamato to transform into all sorts of new forms just like him.

Yamato might want to learn to read and write the ancient language of the Poneg because this way he could take another step to be like Oden. Normally, Robin wouldn’t just reveal the secret to reading the Poneglyphs. Presumably this is because she understands how big a target can be by gaining that knowledge. However, she could trust Yamato to be strong enough to learn the language and handle whoever chases after her for the knowledge.

Nami and Nico Robin

Brooks and Yamato, the perfect couple of the crew

For its part, Franky is the only other Straw Hat that Yamato has met so far in One Piece.. He helped her, Momonosuke, and Shinobu escape from Sasaki of Tobiroppo. In return, he knocked out Hatcha of the Numbers. The two will have each other properly to thank once the dust has fully settled on Onigashima.

one piece

One Piece: Brook Playing Violin

Brook and Yamato could work together to provide entertainment for the crew. Obviously, Brook would be the musician that he has always been. Yamato could use this opportunity to resurrect Oden’s infamous song and dance. Originally, Orochi made him perform naked in the streets, making it one of his biggest embarrassments. Yamato, with Brook’s help, could rework the performance and change its meaning to something positive, even empowering. It could be one of the closest relationships in One Piece.

Jinbe is another member of the Straw Hats with a close connection to Portgas D. Ace.. The way the two first met Ace is even similar, until Ace wants to fight an Emperor. If he ever catches Yamato and Luffy sharing sake and reminiscing about Ace, he might sit down and join them.

jinbe one piece yamato

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