One Piece: this is the actor who inspired the design of Sanji and that you may not know


Surely not the actor you were thinking.

Sanji is the cook for the Straw Hat pirates from One Piece. and the fourth official member to be recruited by the captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Initially, Sanji was “just” an amazing cook who also learned a kick-based style of martial arts from his mentor, former pirate Red-Leg Zeff, who adopted Sanji after they were stranded together during a shipwreck. But, maybe you don’t know everything about his movie origin.

Sanji, one of the main characters in One Piece, was inspired by a character in a movie, however, Sanji’s inspiration was so dark that only one fan guessed correctly. While mangaka Eiichiro Oda drew inspiration for his work from many sources in Japanese and Western cultures, this one was easy to overlook.

Sanji’s behavior and appearance are quite unique, and he stands out a lot in a world of rough and tumble pirates. He always dresses smartly, has long blond hair neatly combed, and is always smoking a cigarette, even in the middle of a fight. This quirky perspective had fans wondering about Oda’s inspiration for Sanji, with many thinking of actor Leonardo di Caprio. However, in the SBS (the question and answer section) of Volume 68, Oda revealed that Sanji’s real model was Steve Buscemi in his role in Reservoir Dogs.

The most surprising thing about this story is that, before Oda revealed it, no one had ever been right, except for one Bandai employee. With 25 years of uninterrupted publication and success, one can only wonder how many weird and interesting One Piece stories are still waiting to be told, like this one involving Sanji and actor Steve Buscemi.

one piece sanji steve buscemi reservoir dogs

In case you didn’t know this epic movie, Reservoir Dogs is the first feature film directed by the legendary Quentin Tarantino., and paved the way for him to become a cult director. It is an independent production that tells the story of a gang of diamond thieves whose planned heist at a jewelry store goes terribly wrong. Reservoir Dogs is famous for its groundbreaking portrayal of violence and for showing the events before and after, but not during, the heist.

It features a cast of great actors, including Buscemi in his breakout role as the iconic Mr. Pink. All of the gang members dress in the same outfit, with black suits, white shirts, and black ties, which is also similar to Sanji’s usual outfit. Nevertheless, according to Oda, he looked at Buscemi and Mr. Pink more for his attitude and mannerism than for his appearance.

The importance of Sanji from One Piece, beyond Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs

In the One Piece story, we know that Sanji is actually the third son of Vinsmoke Judge., the King of the Germa Kingdom and a fearsome scientist who turned his children into living weapons. However, Sanji still considers Zeff his true father and lives strictly by the code he taught him: always feed the hungry, never hit a woman, and never fight with your hands (because they must be kept for cooking). Sanji also shares Zeff’s dream of finding the All Blue, a legendary sea where fish from all over the world gather.

Sanji quickly became one of the members most trusted of the One Piece Straw Hat Pirates, who would not have survived without his cooking skills. Sanji is also a powerful fighter and a member of the “Monster Trio”, which also includes Luffy and Zoro, the strongest fighters in the crew.


His dream is to find the legendary sea known as All Blue, which, according to legend, is the only marine habitat in the world where all the species of fish that exist coincide, as well as other marine beings from the five seas. After the incidents in the territories of the pirate empress Big Mom, his reward rose to 330,000,000 bellys in total, thus being the third highest of the Straw Hats, surpassed only by the helmsman Jinbe and captain Luffy, which makes a great objective of the World Government.

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