One Piece: This is the anime scene that ALWAYS makes me cry

Eiichiro Oda, the author of one piece, is an expert when it comes to telling us a very long story that is full of truly exciting moments. There are dozens of memorable scenes that caused that millions of people shed tears while reading the manga or watching the animeand of course I include myself among them.

To this day I still get goosebumps and I even notice how my eyes get quite wet when I remember certain sequences of the animated series, but there is one in particular that always makes me cry. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, that moment activates something inside me that moves me greatly. Is my weakness.

The One Piece scene that ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes

  • Currently I’m still excited as the first day with the death of Doctor HirulukChopper’s mentor❗❗❗
  • And in fact this is very curious because the Drum Island arc is one of my least favorite in all of One Piecebut there is something in this scene that strikes a chord with me like no other❌❌❌
  • The keys of this sequence are:
    • The Hiruluk’s speech about the real moment a person dies⭐
    • The Dolton’s reactionwho bursts into tears as he relates the doctor’s words to the current situation and the future of his country💖
    • Kureha’s farewell
    • Ave Maria music that plays in the background during the conversation✅
    • And finally there is the last sentence of this character, a final toast with the words: “It’s been a wonderful life”
The plane that always breaks me inside

I am sure that most of you will disagree with me and that you will have many other favorite scenes where you cry like a cupcake. Now I ask you: What are those One Piece moments that excite you as much as me?

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