One Piece: this is the brutal appearance of Yamato’s hybrid form in the anime

Yamato’s animated hybrid form is truly fascinating.

The Wano arc has been one of the most important and emotional in one piecesince through him they have revealed great mysteries and enigmas that have given rise to this series entering its final stretch.

One of the many novelties that the Wano arc has had, has been Yamato, the son of Kaidowho has confronted his father on numerous occasions when he disagreed with the way he runs the island.

Recently, Yamato has faced his father again, after discovering that he had defeated Luffy, for that reason, he decided to confront him to try to stop all the mess that it has caused during these events. In the development of this combat, Yamato made use of his hybrid form in the anime and its appearance is really brutal. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from One Piece anime episode #1042.

Yamato’s hybrid form is really amazing

Yamato's hybrid form has finally been animated, and the result is brutal

Yamato’s hybrid form has finally been animated, and the result is brutal

The Wano arc has been one of the longest and most momentous in One Piecesince this served as a preamble to definitively enter the final stretch of this series.

Likewise, through this arch it was possible to know various events and happenings that surrounded some of the characters in this series, as was the case with Portgas D. Ace, since it was possible to learn a little more about him and his time on the island of Wano.

On the one hand, in the One Piece anime episode #1042It has been Yamato’s Hybrid Form Finally Revealedsince it is known that he is currently fighting with Kaido to free Wano from his terrible clutches.

During the development of this battle, Yamato finds himself having a fierce fight with his father, since he does not accept that his son is not on his side, for that reason he considered a traitor by supporting the Straw Hats.

Yamato in full confrontation decides to do use of his devil fruit powers Inu Inu No Miand accesses his hybrid form, which gives him the appearance of a wolf deity.

Yamato's hybrid form is really brutal and very eye-catching

Yamato’s hybrid form is really brutal and very eye-catching

without a doubt the appearance of Yamato’s hybrid transformation it is brutal, since it is the first time that it has been seen animated with this form.

In addition, Yamato continues to fight with his father, as he assures him that will defend Wano at all costsDeclaring himself Kozuki Oden, it is known that Kaido’s son is a great follower of the former Shogun of this Island, which is why he imitates him in all aspects, following in his footsteps as a philosophy of life.

It should be noted that Yamato has tried to disengage completely of everything that has to do with his father, because this is the representation of evil on the island, since he has been oppressing its inhabitants for decades.

On the other hand, after this transformation of Yamato and the rapid progress that the anime has had, everything seems to indicate that there is very little left to see finally animated the Luffy’s Gear Fifththis being one of the most anticipated moments by fans.

Will Yamato have what it takes to protect Wano?

Yamato has what it takes to protect Wano from any threat

Yamato has what it takes to protect Wano from any threat

Yamato has shown to have a great courage and strength to face any situation or threat that Wano wants to attack, since he has already shown how capable he is by fighting one on one against Kaido, who is one of the most powerful characters in the series.

It should be noted that by following the steps of kozuki odenYamato has shown a great conviction and commitment to the Land of Wanobeing able to give his life to protect it at all costs from terrible threats.

Without a doubt, Yamato will do a great job in fulfilling his role as protector of Wano, since his Inu Inu No Mi no Mi is the representation of the guardian of this land which gives a clear indication of what Yamato is for this island.