One Piece: this is the explanation of the names of Luffy’s Gear Fifth attacks

We show you an explanation regarding the name of the powers of Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

We give explanation from different perspectives to the name of the attacks of Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

The character of Luffy from One Piece has various ranks of powers or techniques called “Gear”which have arisen as a result of his Devil Fruit awakening.

These techniques range from two to five, being called “Gear Second”, “Gear Third”, “Gear Fourth” and “Gear Fifth”, and each one gives Luffy a special ability or power. When activating these powers or techniques, the Straw Hat captain usually calls out the name of the attack he wishes to activate, and proceeds to execute it.

In the case of the name that Luffy says to activate Gear Fifth, there are certain inconsistencies regarding the translation of the name from Japanese to Spanish, so it is necessary to explain this.

Next, we will tell you all the details about it, but you should know that this post contains spoilers for chapter #1070 of the manga one piece.

The name of the Gear Fifth’s attacks

The name of Luffy's Gear Fifth attacks

The name of Luffy’s Gear Fifth attacks

The fans have had some confusion regarding the name of the attacks of the Luffy’s Gear Fifthwhich could be attributed to incorrect translations, either directly from Japanese to Spanish, or from Japanese to English.

Usually, Luffy’s “Gears” attacks they follow a kind of pattern in terms of names, as if it were a nomenclature. In the case of the Gear Second, the word Luffy usually used when naming the attacks was “Jet”. Regarding Gear Third, the name was “Gigant”. And lastly, on Gear Fourth, the attacks are named after animals.

Not all of his attacks followed the pattern of always having that word somewhere in his name, but with the vast majority this rule was fulfilled.

As far as Gear Fifth is concerned, in chapter #1070 of the manga one piece the new series of attacks has been introduced, which, according to the translation from Japanese to English, Luffy names with the word Dawnwhich in Spanish would be Dawn.

Luffy has revealed his new series of powers during his fight with Rob Lucci. First he made use of the attack “Gum-Gum Dawn Whip”which we could translate literally and textually as “Rubber-Rubber Dawn Whip”. With this attack, Luffy gives a strong roundhouse kick to his opponent.

Luffy showing off his new set of Hear Fifth powers in his fight with Rob Lucci

Luffy showing off his new set of Hear Fifth powers in his fight with Rob Lucci

Later used the attack “Gum-Gum Dawn Rocket”whose literal and textual translation is “Rubber-Rubber Dawn Rocket”and by using it he shot himself towards his opponent, attacking him like that, literally like a rocket.

So far those are the only two forms of Gear Fifth’s attacks. that follow the pattern of the name, but there is a good chance that there will be many more soon.

We could interpret the use of the word Dawn in Gear Fifth’s attacks like a way of saying that Luffy is some kind of “dawn”. When we think of night, we immediately associate it with darkness, but on the other hand, when we think of dawn, we can see light and hope.

This suggests that Luffy is the light or “dawn” that brings hope and calm. after a dark night, who has liberated nations with his friends, taking only good things with him. While this is a very inspiring and compelling interpretation, seeing the original name brings up other possible perspectives on the name.

Other possible translations of the name of the attacks

Although looking at it from that perspective sounds quite convincing, the truth is that this meaning It wouldn’t be something that Luffy would give him.or at least not intentionally.

It is well known that Luffy wishes to do goodand he has been doing it together with his friends throughout the history of one pieceHowever, Luffy only saves himself and his friends from any evildoer, and the liberation of countries comes as a bonus.

Also, Luffy doesn’t perceive himself in such a heroic way. enough to describe himself as a “liberator.”

In Japanesethe name given to Gear Fifth’s attacks is “白い, しろい”, which means “white”and it could be a clear reference to the color that Luffy takes with Gear Fifth.

Luffy looking almost entirely white.

Luffy looking almost entirely white.

Now, in furigana, it is written “dō n” (ドーン), which could be read as “dawn”but it is used as a loud sound effect, usually used in dramatic scenes.

Whichever translation we choose, each one counts with great sense and brings with it a meaning, that each person can interpret at their discretion and way of thinking. Likewise, each interpretation only lets us see the great power and Luffy’s ability with Gear Fifth.