One Piece: this is the height of the main villains of the series

There are many people who consider it relevant that the dates of birth of their favorite anime characters are revealed in order to celebrate their birthdays. This of course also happens with fans of one piecehowever from my point of view I think it is much more interesting focus on another attribute of the characters in this pirate universe: their different heights.

In the work of Eiichiro Oda coexist beings of all kinds of sizes, from true dwarfs to a colossal elephant that has a kingdom on its back. And what always caught my attention about the series is that Luffy does not stop facing rivals that take out “two or three heads”so in this article I have decided gather all the main antagonists and rank them according to their height.

The tallest villains of One Piece

Next I will present a list in which I order the characters from shortest to tallest (comparing them to Luffy’s height):

  • Buggy – 1.92m
  • Alvida – 1.98m
  • Whapol – 2.07m
  • Kuro – 2.07m
  • Rob Lucci – 2.12m
  • Bellamy – 2.40m
  • Krieg – 2.43m
  • Crocodile – 2.53m
  • Blueno – 2.58m
  • Arlong – 2.63m
  • Enel – 2.66m
  • Morgan – 2.85m
  • Aokiji – 2.98m
  • Kizaru – 3.02m
  • Doflamingo – 3.05m
  • Akainu – 3.06m
  • Cracker – 3.07m
  • Caesar Clown – 3.09m
  • Hody Jones – 3.31m
  • Blackbeard – 3.44m
  • Magellan – 4.91m
  • Katakuri – 5.09m
  • Moria Gecko – 6.92m
  • Kaido – 7.10m🐲
  • Big Mom – 8.80m🍦πŸͺ🍬
  • Oars – 67mπŸ§β€β™‚οΈπŸ§Ÿ

Other ‘rivals’ of the mugiwara

  • Mihawk – 1.98m
  • Smoker – 2.09m
  • Mr. 1 – 2.12m
  • Bon Clay – 2.38m
  • Garp – 2.82m
  • Pike – 4.70m
  • Queen -6.12m
  • King – 6.13m
  • Kuma – 6.89m
  • Jack – 8.30m

The truth is that it is surprising that most of Luffy’s rivals are over eight feet tall. Oda has been designing his rivals like this since he began with the One Piece story, and it seems that the protagonist will never face someone smaller than him or even his size. Is he doing this to emphasize the feeling of someone small winning over someone bigger with strength and will power?