One Piece: This is the most realistic Trafalgar Law cosplay you’ll see in a long time

This cosplay is so real that it looks like something out of an anime.

Without a doubt One Piece has become a cult animelike many of his characters, since they are so interesting and impressive that fans quickly identify with them.

In all the development that this anime has had, one of the most beloved characters has been Trafalgar D. Water Law, better known as the surgeon of death. This pirate has been of great importance in the history of this series, because in repeated opportunities has helped Monkey D. Luffy when he needed it most.

For this reason, it has become a fundamental character and a great ally of the Straw Hats. Likewise, it has also caused a great impact on the fans, as many have decided immortalize it with cosplays or even have the same tattoos that this pirate has.

Recently, an Instagram artist has decided make a fascinating cosplay of Trafalgar Law, so real that you will think that it has come out of the anime. Next, we tell you the details.

This Trafalgar Law cosplay is so realistic that it seems taken from the anime

Trafalgar Law has been obtaining a most important in history of this anime, from the events of Marineford, from that moment this character became one of the most popular in this series.

The surgeon of death, along with Luffy, are part of what is known as the worst generation of pirates or supernovassince they have been a huge stone in the shoe for the world government, since they have ceaselessly interfered in most of his plans.

The popularity of this anime has grown even more after the completion of the Wano arc, where you could see the great participation that Trafalgar Law had to stop Kaido and free the country from the fearsome clutches of this pirate. For this reason many fans have crazy about this characterhonoring him with cosplay among other things.

Recently, a Instagram artist named cosplay has decided to make a gorgeous Trafalgar Law cosplay that will make you delirious, due to the amazing resemblance with the anime version.

In this image you can see how this artist has managed to perfectly replicate this charactertaking it to another level, because it is so exact that it seems that it has come from the same animewearing the popular clothing of Law and his sword, as well as the tattoos and the characteristic pose of this, giving him a incredible attention to the smallest detail.

What has been the importance of Trafalgar Law in anime?

Trafalgar Law and Luffy have become great allies throughout the series. However, they are also rivals, as both are in search of One Piece.

Trafalgar Law and Luffy have become great allies throughout the series. However, they are also rivals, as both are in search of One Piece.

Trafalgar D. Water Law has been having a greater participation in the series after having helped Luffy escape in the Marineford incidentwhere he almost lost his life at the hands of Akainu.

Law was one of those who suggested venture to Dressrosa in order to put an end to the evil practices of Donquixote Doflamingo.

In the most recent Wano arc, Law, along with Momonosuke and Luffy, create an alliance to join forces and defeat Kaido, who kept this country kidnapped for more than two decades. In this combat, Trafalgar proved to be of great importanceas he had a huge role in the victory against the captain of the beast pirates.

This character has Featured many times over the course of the anime, becoming one of the most relevant so far. It remains to wait for this new arc that is about to begin to continue seeing this pirate immersed in many more adventures.