One Piece: This is the true meaning of Trafalgar D. Water Law tattoos

You may not know the whole truth behind this mighty pirate

Trafalgar D. Law from One Piece is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the franchise, without hesitation we can say that he is a person who does not usually open up to the world. At times, he has a cold, arrogant and occasionally sadistic attitude towards life, his companions and towards himself. In the current Wano Country arc, we learned a little more about his past after the awakening of his devil fruit, his devastating power will be useful against Kaido. However, he remains a very secretive individual, a mystery to his fans.

Despite how little Trafalgar D. Law shares about himself, there are other ways to get a glimpse of his personality. For example, throughout his body there are various tattoos that seem to tell a different story. Deciphering these tattoos could be the key to better understanding this One Piece character as a person.

One of Trafalgar D. Law’s best known tattoos is the one between his fingers, in each of its phalanges it has the letters D, E, A, T and H, which in English spell the word “Death” or death in Spanish. The meaning of these tattoos is quite simple; they are a reference to the nickname he has as the “Surgeon of Death”. This is not a nickname that causes you conflict and you wear it with pride.

Another one of Trafalgar D. Law’s tattoos from One Piece with a slightly less obvious meaning are the Jolly Roger tattoos that he has on his back. In this part of his body he has the Jolly Roger of the Heart Pirates, in addition he has a slightly more stylized version on his chest. Obviously these tattoos represent the value you place on your pirate crew and your place as their captain, but there is more to it than that..

The Jolly Roger is one of the most important symbols within the franchise and requires a deeper understanding of Trafalgar D. Law’s background. Years before the beginning of One Piece, when he was a young man in the terminal stage, he was captured in Los Piratas de Don Quixote. While there, he developed a strong bond with Corazón, one of the most important officers of the crew’s elite..

Corazon ends up sacrificing his life so that he can give the Op-Op Devil Fruit to Trafalgar D. Law so he can use his power and rid himself of his illness. One of the last memories Law has of Corazón is his smile. This is the real reason to proudly wear this tattoo, honor his memory, his pirate crew is not only known as Heart Pirates, but his Jolly Roger has a smiling face in the center.

one piece trafalgar d law tatuaje

It’s also worth noting that the Jolly Roger from Heart Pirates bears a striking resemblance to the Donquixote Pirates, perhaps the resemblance between the two Jolly Rogers could be interpreted as the connection Law had to the Donquixote Pirates. Another possible meaning could be the insult to the captain of the crew, Donquixote Doflamingo. The latter would make sense, as Law blames Doflamingo for Corazón’s death and has vowed to exact revenge on him at all costs.

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The truth about Law’s tattoos in One Piece

Law also has several heart-shaped tattoos on each of his shoulders and chest that can have various meanings. Most obviously, they are indicative of the Heart Pirates, as well as Corazon, his old friend. Also the heart shape it has could represent the Op-Op fruit, which has this same shape. Whatever the reason, the motif of the heart seems to be a big part of the character of this One Piece character..

There are a couple of more notable tattoos on Law’s forearms and the back of his hands, although their meanings are unclear. The tattoos on his forearms are shaped like spur gears with something resembling the outline of the Hear Pirates’ Jolly Roger in the middle. Although it is not very clear what their relationship is, they could mean the daily routine of pirates struggling to survive in the wild world..

Trafalgar Law one piece

Trafalgar Law, Captain of the Hear Pirates

Law’s tattoos largely represent his strong relationship with the Heart Pirates, his charge over them is something he cannot escape from. They seem to indicate a value in trust, companionship, and playfulness that is not often seen in the character or the way he carries himself. In addition, his tattoos seem to represent the pride he feels in his notoriety as a pirate.. And, apparently in the current One Piece arc, this doesn’t seem far-fetched.

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