One Piece: This is what several of its characters would look like with a real appearance

We don’t know if they will go to these places for the Netflix adaptation, but these One Piece characters would look spectacularly good.

The minds of the fans gets to show us impressive things, since the imagination has no limits. In the case of manga works, we are always used to seeing them in their drawn style particular and we do not usually ask ourselves what it would be like if they were interpreted in real life. We don’t usually do it until it arrives some company or studio and is encouraged to make an adaptation with real people.

Today we come to try a great manga series that is going to have an adaptation for Netflix. It is the best-selling manga in history worldwide and it is sure that many of you who are reading us know it. One Piece is undoubtedly a benchmark of shonen and Japanese art, so it is not surprising that every two by three we have it even in the soup. The great work by Eichiro Oda It is making history and we are not surprised by the impact on the community.

Since we found out that the streaming platform wanted to bring us a version of real action, many of us put our hands to the head. Things as they are, normally these types of ideas do not turn out as well as expected, but from time to time the flute plays and we find works, at least, decent. For today we do not come to bring the results of all this, but we want to show the interpretation of a fan of what characters should look like in reality.

Through a video in the artist’s official account, called Nagisa, we have been able to see the great characters of One Piece with a much more human aspect. The protagonists are not seen, but you can see some very important characters for the plot, which have been relevant for some time and that they are today.

Take a look at the full video because there are some that they are very worth it, since they have been works. We would like to highlight the aspect achieved with Silver, which is spectacular or the one we have seen with the three admirals, characters based on real Japanese actors, but that with this style they differ a bit. Encourage us to put your opinions in the Telegram group and tell us which one is your favorite.

One Piece