One Piece: this is what the cast of the Netflix series gives with the characters’ costumes

Revealed yesterday, the cast of the series Netflix One Piece has spilled a lot of ink. While some fans question the feasibility of recreating the completely crazy world invented by Eiichiro Oda, one of them imagined what the cast would look like with their costumes.

Success or failure?

For several years, Netflix has embarked on a massive venture to adapt manga and Japanese animation classics into live-action movies and series. After Death Note, Alice in Borderland, Cowboy Bebop and Yuyu Hakusho, it was unthinkable, given his aura, that One Piece is not also the object of an adaptation in real shots.

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Following the revelation of part of the cast, fans of Eiichiro Oda manga have shared their impressions. If Emily Rudd was dubbed for the role of Nami, fans are more skeptical of the rest of the cast. However, sometimes a costume casting can create some surprises. A Reddit user, called Agent-65, was therefore in charge of imagining what would give the members of the cast of the series One Piece with their respective costumes.

Luffy (Inaki Gudoy)

One Piece this is what the cast of the

Zoro (Mackenyu)

One Piece this is what the cast of the

Nami (Emily Rudd)

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Usopp (Jacob Gibson)

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Sanji (Taz Skylar)

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Obviously, these costumes are not official, since they were created by a fan of the manga. Furthermore, we remind you that it is not uncommon for the costumes to be changed between the manga / animated version and the live-action. However, these images will undoubtedly allow readers to get a clearer idea of ​​what the cast could look like in the adaptation of their favorite manga.

However, as essential as it is, the question of the casting is not the only one which worries the fans. Indeed, some wonder about the capacity of the live-action series of humor of Eiichiro Oda, and especially its abundant universe. The mangaka plays with size scales, plays with the limits of the possible and the imaginary, from the “sea slopes” to the Longs-Bras (which have two elbows). Having said that, if Netflix focuses only on the first arcs of the manga, the series should have no trouble transcribing the universe.