One Piece: This is why the giant single volume will not pay copyright The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on 03 Oct 2022 at 14:00

The giant volume of One Piece has managed to avoid the copyright payment, with a pretty cheeky excuse!

One Piece impresses in so many ways. And among these, the incredible longevity of the series with the first chapter of Eiichiro Oda drawn in 1997, an absence of prolonged interruption – the longest being 1 month -, and as a result already 102 volumes for the series. An exceptional performance, the extent of which we could observe in the background a short time ago when the French artist Ilan Manouach glued one by one each of the volumes to give a single book of 21,450. A large piece, which weighs 16, 5 kilos, measures 80 centimeters long and 18.5 centimeters high. And a piece which, although it used the work of Eiichiro Oda, was able to avoid the copyrights of the Shueisha thanks to a principle invoked by the artist!

One Piece, the endless hyoe

The artist has in fact presented his work not as a comic strip but as “sculpture material”. More exactly, it is for him a “illegible sculpture that takes the form of a book – the largest to date in number of pages and spine width – which materializes the ecosystem of online distribution of comics”. In short, it is a work of art, in which the volumes of One Piece participated to create this book – which is, let us remember, sold all the same 1900 euros each! Ilan Manouach has thus succeeded for the moment in not having to pay royalties!

What reaction from the Shueisha for the next book?

La Shueisha, which publishes the One Piece series, has expressed its disagreement. ” The product you mention is not official. We don’t give permission. Our licensee in France who publishes One Piece is the publisher Glénat » thus explained the member of the team of the international rights Keita Murano.

One can imagine that the Japanese publishing house is currently thinking about possible remedies, especially if the French artist were to repeat his work at the end of the series, in a few years.