One Piece: This Katakuri Cosplay Is So Realistic It’ll Leave You Ice Cream

Learn how to make such a realistic Katakuri cosplay.

One of the reasons to watch One Piece despite its length is the characters. The character design created by Eiichiro Oda is unique and exudes a lot of personality. And behind each of them there is a amazing story to discover. The villains look awesome too, just look at pirates like Big Mom, Kaido and others. So cosplayers have good material in One Piece to make amazing transformations like this cosplay de Katakuri tan realista.

Over the years fans have made countless cosplay of your favorite characters. So you can see one of the best cosplay of Sanji and other members of the Straw Hat Gang. Today our attention has been caught by a amazing katakuri cosplay for its level of realism. The creator of this transformation is Jihatsu who has embroidered pirate personality in a single image.

How to cosplay Katakuri?

At first glance, it doesn’t seem difficult to cosplay this pirate. Katakuri is the second son of the charlotte family and one of the commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. The most dangerous that has faced Monkey D. Luffy in the arco de Whole Cake Island. And he has a very characteristic look where he hides his face under a oversized feather scarf that covers part of your body. This is its main hallmark and if you get this element, you have half a cosplay achieved.

A good example of this is the work of Jihatsu, which achieves a very realistic appearance. The rest of the cosplay is complemented by a leather vest and pants with a skull buckle. Black gloves and studs can’t be missing either. Finally, the touch of color. Katakuri has maroon hair matching his tattoos that you can paint on your body to be more faithful to the original character. What do you think of this One Piece fan’s cosplay? Now you have the keys to do it yourself.

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