One Piece: This Luffy vs Kaido Animation Is So Epic You’re Going To Want It To Be Official


This animation of the beginning of the fight between Luffy and Kaido made by an artist on Twitter is so impressive that you will want to make it official.

One Piece, throughout its over 1,000 manga/anime chapters he has had many impressive fights that have shocked the internet, as it was at the time the fight between Luffy vs. Rob Lucci, the siege of Marineford, against Doflamingo, Katakuri and many more. However, the climax of the Wano country arc has all readers glued to their seats week after week.

The final battle in Wano Country features Luffy and Kaido on Onigashima Island. This is one of the most important fights for the protagonist of this story, because carries on his back with the hopes of all the inhabitants of this country who have been enslaved by the Yonkou and his army.

Although there is still a long way to go before we can see this battle officially animated, some very talented artists have made their projects surprising animations, like the one we will see next, which serves as a preview for what we will see later.

This animation of the battle between Luffy vs Kaido made by a fan is impressive

The community of lovers of Eiichiro Oda’s work is made up of all kinds of talented usersas digital artists who have taken it upon themselves to create their own animated projects.

On this occasion, we will see the work of a user and artist on Twitter called @JunyIsHerewhich made a 10 second animation that would serve as an introduction to the fight between Kaido and Luffy, the first of the three in which they have participated.

The result of this animation is surprising, because we can observe the whole environment in flameswhile Kaido immediately turns into his dragon form to confront Luffy.

This project it is impressive and has just over 14,000 I like it on the platform. Also, after watching it, you probably want to make it official. But for the latter, we will have to wait a little longer.

The battle between Luffy and Kaido intensifies in each new chapter.

Luffy bears the weight of the hopes of the Wano people yearning for freedom.

Every week of One Piece manga is a new opportunity to impress us with the combat that Luffy and Kaido are having in Onigashima. This battle has had many unexpected plot twists, but, as always, the Straw Hats’ captain has remained unwavering in his will and desire to protect his promise to the people of Wano.

As a result of this combat and the disadvantage that the protagonist had, he released all the fruit of his training to reach his new transformation, Gear Fifth. With this increase in power has tipped the balance and has put Kaido on the ropes.

At the moment, it remains to wait to know the conclusion of this battle, which all lovers of the franchise want to be officially animated. Undoubtedly, It is one of the most important fights in the history of One Piece and that will determine many factors for the future of the work.

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