One Piece: this recognized actress wants to play in the Netflix live-action series

If there is one thing that cannot be denied, it is that the anime have been popular lately. And that, netflix understood it well. So it’s been a few years now that we’ve been seeing more and more of them appearing on the streaming platform, and the company intends to continue to exploit the breach. And while we can always discover more new original productionsNetflix has embarked on the vast undertaking of adapting manga and Japanese animation classics into live-action movies and series. And lately, one series in particular has been making headlines for a few months already, which is not surprising given that it will be the live-action adaptation of one of the most cult franchises in the Japanese industry, I’m obviously talking about One Piece.

Jamie Lee Curtis as…

Whereas yesterday we revealed to you which actor was going to embody the iconic character of Shanks le Roux in the next live-action series from Netflix, another famous person has expressed their keen interest in taking part in the series. Because while this year’s Oscars gave rise to much discussion, actress Jamie Lee Curtis stood out on the red carpet for a whole different reason.

While being interrogated by Tiktokeur Straw Hat Goofythe actress known for her role in the films saga Halloween but also for the blockbuster True Lies (1994), confessed that she had a real interest in participating in the live-action series One Piece, and that she would like to play the role of Kureha in a hypothetical second season.

One Piece this recognized actress wants to play in the

Jamie Lee Curtis had already shown his love for anime in the past, and in particular for One Piece. At San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, the actress said that if she could be a character on the show, she would choose Nico Robin. And during the recent interview, she revealed that her favorite character in Eiichiro Oda’s work was Tony Tony Chopper, and then Jamie Lee Curtis backtracked on her previous statement, joking that although she would love to play the character of Nico Robin, his age and his physique did not play in his favor. It was then that she said:

You know there’s that old lady […]maybe I could be Kureha.

My [fille] Ruby said that’s what I could play.

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As reminded Anime News Network, Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter, Ruby Guesthad appeared on The One Piece Podcast last year, and a listener then suggested the idea. Guest totally approved, saying his mother would also be up for playing Kureha. And knowing that Chopper is the actress’ favorite character, we understand why Curtis would want to play Kureha, who is none other than Chopper’s mentor after the death of Doctor Hiluluk on Drum Island.

One Piece this recognized actress wants to play in the

The upcoming live-action series will be available exclusively on Netflix, and manga creator Eiichiro Oda will serve as executive producer. And after revealing a large part of the cast to us a few months agothe streaming platform had revealed in early March new names concerning players who will embody the secondary characters in the live-action series, the opportunity to discover who will play the role of Arlong, Kobby, Baggy the Clown or even Monkey D. Garp.