One Piece: this would be Franky with 50 and 70 years according to his creator

Franky is very well preserved, a real Daddy

One Piece is one of the longest-running works in anime and manga that, over the years, has brought together an incredible crew with diverse and unique characters. One of the characters who have managed to connect the most with the public has been Monkey D. Luffy and another has been Franky, the half-human, half-machine man of American origin who has held an important place in the Wano Country Arc. And it seems that Eiichiro Oda wants him to stay alive into old age.

Franky is one of the crew of The Straw Hat Pirates, whom Monkey D. Luffy always dreamed of since he was a child with Shanks The Redhead. This is how he has become one of the biggest names on board the ship. Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, seems to know it and that is why he has shared an incredible illustration that makes this character an older adult in his 50s and 70s. Furthermore, this illustration contains two variants, of the two known sides of this character.

The Twitter account of NewWorldArtur has shared all four versions of Franky from One Piece, both in his machine mode and in his human form. It is surprising how the attitude of this character is maintained in each of his forms and ages (including when he becomes a naval ship at 70 years of age):

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Franky from One Piece in a dystopian future

It is impressive how each of the versions of Franky from One Piece maintains its unique and jovial character, for example at 50 years old, he maintains a big smile and looks quite similar to his current model.. If we compare him with other characters like Garp or Silvers Rayleigh, it seems that he has remained that way since his youth. In addition, her message complements her incredible outfit: “It’s turning down the temperature, right? Let me warm the temperature of this island ”.

On the other hand, when a couple of years go by and you reach 70, Franky from One Piece becomes an old islander with all the attitude a surfer would have reaching his old age. In fact, he is closely related to some people in real life such as David Hasselhoff himself, the actor known for the Baywatch series of the 80’s. In this case, their message is: “I fixed your bike, put a cannon on it.” It seems that the mood of this pirate has not changed over time, or so we thought …

eiichiro oda one piece franky

Unlike other characters like Roronoa Zoro or others who maintain a unique form through the years, It seems that Eiichiro Oda has planned a dystopian future just for Franky from One Piece to have fun – destroying other ships – or, at least, that he shows us with his illustration.

In this case, we see that with the subtitle “A future in which things went wrong”. Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece, imagines what a world would be like inhabited entirely by machines and in which Franky has lost his humanity. In this way, we can see a robotic version at 50 with the message: “I MUST ELIMINATE ALL BOATS FROM THIS ROBBERY-WORLD.” This threatening message kills us a model of this pirate that we would never have expected, has he lost his jovial character?

eiichiro oda one piece iliustracion

Fortunately, it seems that this old One Piece pirate could never lose all his playful and laughing character. At the age of 70, This character takes a slight change and shows us a form similar to that of the Going Merry, the first great ship of The Straw Hat Pirates. Like that well-known ship, our beloved Franky sings: “I am the old ship Grampky” (Grampky is a word that joins his name with grumpy, grumpy in English).

Whatever the fate of Franky in One Piece, Eiichiro Oda has shown us that he will not let him lose his great sense of humor and his renowned character. Whether as a mighty ship in a dystopian world or a handsome old surfer, we look forward to seeing this pirate on his future adventures alongside Monkey D. Luffy and the entire crew.

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