One Piece: this would be Luffy, Nico Robin, Sanji and Enel with the Attack on Titan style

On November 14, a special event of the animated series of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack the titans) in Japan. In which we will find new content about the franchise and the fate of our favorite characters.

This news has triggered numerous hypotheses about the saga, although we will have to wait for the event to know if they add content to the series or it is only promotional. As expected, the announcement of this event has traveled the world and the fans have reacted in a remarkable way. On Reddit, for example, one of the fans has made an illustration about one of One Piece characters with Attack on Titan aesthetics. From the armored titan to colossal titan, going through the attack titan and female titan, the characters of the famous Eiichiro Oda saga are subjected to a makeover that doesn’t feel bad at all.

One Piece style Attack on Titan on Reddit

Likewise, it should be noted that a few weeks ago the last season, the outcome of this story, was announced in a spectacular presentation video. Click here to see the trailer. So that fans keep accumulating a lot hype about this closure. The end of the anime’s life cycle Attack the titans will be the relief for other newborns, such as, for example, Kimetsu No Yaiba (Guardians of the night). That a long-awaited video game that replicates the story of the original series has released this October and that has been a success for the saga.

What’s more, One Piece continues with its usual broadcast, although it takes longer than other series of the style. So Shonen fans will not be left wanting more quality content, but we will continue to enjoy sagas like this and Guardians of the night.