One Piece: this would be the disturbing fusion of Kaido and Bentham

One Piece is one of the series about pirates best known in the history of animation and which recently reached its 1,000th episode. Since 1999 Eiichiro Oda has been releasing chapters to his fans to tell the story of a peculiar crew. So much is the fanaticism of people who follow both anime and manga that multiple have been created fanarts, but I assure you that you will not have seen one like the one that we will teach next.

The protagonists of this publication in Reddit they are neither more nor less than Kaido y Bentham. Two powerful enemies of Monkey D. Luffy, the undisputed protagonist of the saga. Well, each one presents a very particular appearance. On the one hand, we have Kaido -Kaudou of the Beasts-, who to put us in context He is the Governor General of the Beast Pirates. He is one of the four emperors who rule the seas of the world and currently he is occupying the Country of Wano with his crew. His indisputable voluminous appearance stands out for being abnormally huge, with a broad and muscular torso where he has a large cross-shaped scar, large and toned arms and legs more muscular even than his arms. His beautiful facial is characteristic thanks to his fu Manchu style mustache and a thick, pointed goatee.

In contrast we have Bentham, an okama -travesti-, who was part of Baroque Works and which currently reigns in Newkama Land. Bentham, he’s a lanky man, lacking visible muscles but with great strength. His face is painted like the criminal organization he belonged to. Following with Kaidou’s antithesis of the Beasts, Bentham wears a blue medieval style mixed with that of a dancer, wearing a pink and white coat. In addition, on each shoulder it carries two structures similar to the swans that make the shape of the number 2.

Bentham is an agent for the Baroque Works band

This antithesis of ostentatious versus masculine aesthetics par excellence, is the protagonist of this new fanart from Reddit. Here we find Kaidou’s burly body in Bentham’s outrageous outfits. Also, as the latter wears ballet shoes, the position to make it more ‘comical’ is as if from a dancer it will be, feminizing his movement. What’s more, combines Bentham’s big smile with Kaido’s beautiful facial and gives the latter a more angry look. Finally, a little bit of makeup on her face, characteristic of that of the Baroque Works band, this being the result:

Fusion between Kaido and Bentham