One Piece: this would be the reason why Blackbeard can use various devil fruits

There are many theories about Blackbeard’s multiple powers, which one do you think is true?

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is one of the most fearsome characters in the One Piece universe.. The beginning of his career as a pirate was in the crew of White beard, however, he was able to betray his surrogate father and siblings once he killed Thatch in order to achieve his goal: to steal the Yami Yami no Mi. And not satisfied with the above, he captured Portgas D. Ace to deliver him to the World Government and obtain the status of Warlord. The latter was done to provoke a war that would segregate his crew and, in this way, steal the powers of the Devil Fruit from Whitebeard after assassinating him.

So far, it is important to mention that Blackbeard is the first One Piece human to possess two simultaneous Devil Fruit powers.. Namely, this was impossible, as the Jabra agent on CP-9 had confirmed that this was a real limitation. Meanwhile, the marines were surprised to see how Teach handled two different powers. So if you want to know how he did it, keep reading.


Blackbeard could be a Cerberus.

The Cerberus Theory

Probably the Cerberus theory is one of the best known -and with the most weight- by One Piece fans. This affirms that Blackbeard had already eaten a devil fruit before eating the Yami Yami no Mi. To better understand, it is a mythical Zoan fruit, whose name is unknown, but it could be Inu Inu no Mi, Cerberus model. Those who support the theory consider that due to the nature of the real mythical Cerberus -with three heads of independent intelligence- blackbeard he obtained the possibility that each of these heads could acquire a different power.

Mainly it is the Jolly Roger, closely related to the captain of a ship. And to confirm this, the flag bears three skulls close together, just like a Cerberus. It also includes his favorite weapon: a three-bladed claw that he has used since his time with Whitebeard’s crew and the one that supposedly caused Shanks’ famous scars on his left eye. And finally, Cerberus does exist in the world of One Piecewhich is another significant detail to give credibility to this theory.


There could be more than one being within Blackbeard.

The chimera theory

In the same way as with Cerberus, the chimera theory considers that there are several entities within Blackbeard. For example, the first one came from ingesting the Devil Fruit and so on; however, just as they gradually came together to form the character we know today, It is believed that this was the origin of Blackbeard. In addition, Marco the Phoenix hinted during Marineford that the pirate’s body was unique, which would show that there is something of this in the anatomy of the most feared pirate.

In fact, although it is highly unlikely, in reality there are cases of fetuses that absorb others during pregnancy. This phenomenon is known as the “Missing Twin”, so if it happened with Blackbeard, could be a person with multiple DNAs that remained in your body after birth.

And, if this were the explanation why Blackbeard can withstand multiple Devil Fruits without dying, it means that there are several beings inside it and each can use the powers they contain.


The main power of the Yami Yami no Mi could be to suppress the powers of the Devil Fruit.

Yami Yami no Myth

There are few theories like this, since it states that Blackbeard’s body has complete independence to use multiple Devil Fruit powers. He comes from the Yami Yami no Mi, answering the question why he would be willing to kill Thatch just to steal it. Furthermore, the Yami Yami no Mi would confirm that the Devil Fruit’s powers are very special, after his fight with Ace, when he stated that the lodges are absolutely unique among the Devil Fruits.

But while Lodges offer great potential, their intangible nature actually makes them more susceptible to damage. It’s just that Blackbeard has learned to overcome this weakness and make up for it with other abilities that set him apart. For example, his mastery of darkness granted him some degree of control over gravitywhich allows him to attract both objects and people to himself -even against his will-.

Even though this ability is impressive, His greatest power is the ability to shut down a Devil Fruit user’s powers., which he first showed with Ace. This made fans believe that it was an extension of power that allowed him to beat the crew and why he had a primary interest in obtaining it.


Dr. Vegapunk might be involved with Blackbeard’s change.

Vegapunk stepped in to upgrade Blackbeard

Of all the theories, Vegapunk’s intervention is likely the craziest. This affirms that Vegapunk upgraded Blackbeard’s body to use various Devil Fruits.. While it may make sense to many, it’s certainly the furthest away, as the evidence for it happening is almost non-existent. In this case, Dr. Vegapunk would have had to have worked for the World Government and met Blackbeard before the one piece events.

And, considering that there is very little information about Vegapunk, the theory is not strong enough to associate a character as mysterious as the scientist with Blackbeard. The reason he is believed to be involved is because Vegapunk grew up on Karakuri Island, a winter island in the Grand Line. And, although Blackbeard was also born on an island in the Grand Line, it is still not known exactly which one. Also, if there had been an experiment of this caliber, it might have happened on Karakuri Island. Or, they could also have occurred after Teach joined the Blackbeard Pirates, but they would have been dangerous enough for the World Government to detect at the time.