One Piece: This Yamato Tattoo Is Absolute Brutality

Another piece of fan art.

Having surpassed a thousand chapters in both anime and manga, One Piece is one of the longest running series of these media in Japan, thereby giving rise to the fact that, over more than twenty years, millions of fans around the world as a result of the iconic moments that have been experienced in the company of Luffy, captain of the Straw Hats crew, and his nakamas.

Thus it is quite common that there are fans who decide to take the leap and get tattoos of their favorite series, being so that the last work shared on Reddit has this tonic, being specifically Yamato, who is Kaido’s daughter, considered to be the Oni Princess and who intends to escape from his father’s crew, the protagonist of this new tattoo, which you can see below:

As you can see, the character has been recreated with high fidelity to what we have been able to see both in the manga and in the anime, thus giving rise, in addition, to the great popularity of the character is demonstrated despite the short time since its existence, since it was mentioned and had its first appearance in these recent years. In that sense, it’s not like the character of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp or Sanji that they have practically since the beginning of the series.

In any case, it must be said that the saga is still as alive as ever, having recently released a new opening that would reveal a mysterious character that has not yet been seen.

Likewise, it should be noted that the saga is full of unknowns despite all the years behind him, one of these characters being the father of Monkey D. Luffy, about whom we have hardly been able to know anything compared to what Oda will have. saved for the parent of the protagonist.

All that said, the current arc of One Piece continues his story, with one of the pieces of information that has recently been revealed being Kaido’s opinion of Luffy. It only remains to be seen how this story will be resolved.

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