One Piece threatens deaths in 2023 and promises a battle between two historical figures

One more year, faithful to his appointment with the Jump Festa, Eiichiro Oda has been at the event to review absolutely all the news of One Piece. The success of the recent animated film, the launch of its card game, the release of One Piece Odyssey on consoles in early 2023, how the live action adaptation that Netflix was preparing is going, etc. The mangaka has not left anything unanswered and has reviewed everything.

The most interesting thing, of course, was when he touched on the manga theme and promised a battle “between this and that character”. A fight before which he exclaims “Can not be!” and that many have already associated to the face to face between Kurohige and Shanks. Will Blackbeard end up killing the redhead? For now there are only theories and speculations, but seeing Ode using the word death it is not very usual. Quite the contrary. And by the way, the author also ensures that One Piece won’t end anytime soon no matter how much he has said that his wish is to finish in five years. She does not want to rush and invites us to take it easy.

Here you have the complete statement of Eiichiro Oda in the Jump Festa 2023 (you have it translated below):

“To everyone who has come to Jump Festa and everyone who is reading this, hello! This is the world famous Eiichiro Oda, the idol. Just kidding.

Now yes, this year the wano arc has come to an end and although I’ve been very busy with the manga, Film RED has also been a box office success, so it’s been a year crazy. All members of the One Piece team are overjoyed.

With Uta we have the project underway “Red and white” for television, which will be broadcast in the next few days and I hope you enjoy. Also, the card games has turned out to be quite fun and although I have asked my team to give me the rarest cards, they have told me that even I cannot get hold of them. What the hell?

This long story has been going on for more than 25 years and every time I notice that there are more young readers getting on it. It makes me very happy and I know I’ve been saying final saga this and final saga that but I’m not going to write the ending as fast as it sounds. I recommend to my readers not to stress and Take it easy.

Next year, after six years of developmentit will also be the year it is finally released One Piece Odyssey. And the live action series continues to make progress. We already have all the brutes from the first season. A lot has happened behind the scenes and if I’m honest, there is no one more concerned than me that this goes well. But it really looks great!

And finally, about the future of the manga, it can’t be! For real those two people are going to fight? Yes, that’s what you can expect! If I had to give it a name, I would say that it will be a battle royale free for all, an all against all. I hope no one dies!

Please continue to support One Piece next year as you have done so far.

“Eiichiro Oda.”