‘One Piece’: to what extent does Eiichiro Oda participate in the series in live action for Netflix

Since filming of the ‘Netflix’s One Piece The truth is that we have been quite dry in terms of news. So far we have been able to see some glimpses of the huge settings with which they recreate several of the anime ships, and we also all know the signings of the first season.

But with how regular live-action anime remakes have been, there remains the question of how far we give a vote of confidence to Netflix with ‘One Piece’. We have to keep waiting until more official images arrive or even a trailer, but for now The greatest asset of the series is that it has the approval of Eiichiro Oda himself.

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Ted BiaselliDirector of netflix originals, recently discussed the adaptation, and how Oda has been involved since the early stages of production.

“We’re working directly with Eiichiro Oda, the creator. He has a vision, and he’s never worked for television, so there’s a give and take as far as education and what works in live action and what doesn’t,” Biaselli explained. “And he also explains to us when something goes wrong, and what that scene is really about.”

During pre-production, the mangaka was very aware of the first steps of the series and the scriptwriters regularly sent him all the scripts, which Oda reviewed and sent back.

“Oda and his team are very involved. They read all of our schematics and all of our scripts and give us their notes,” said Matt Owens, the series’ lead writer.

The creator of One Piece‘ is credited as a producer on the Netflix series, and it appears he’s also been one of the biggest drivers of the project since it began brewing several years ago. In theory its premiere is scheduled for 2023, so hopefully the first images will arrive soon and perhaps they will end up clearing up our doubts.