One Piece: Toei Animation prepares new special episodes of its anime

One of the workers Toei Animation promised fans that “extremely exciting” things are coming up for the anime of ”one piece”. The entertainer henry thurlowexplained that during the next few months it will not appear in the credits of the anime, as it will be focusing only on a special episode.

Due to this statement, the fans of ”One Piece” began to speculate that part of the story Thrulow could be referring to, and although he did not give many details about it, he answered that some of his theories are correct, adapting one of the most special chapters of sleeve.

“I am working hard every day, but for the next (many) months I will be concentrating on one particular upcoming episode,” he wrote. “It’s immensely challenging and very responsible. Also extremely exciting!”

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Toei Animation is currently adapting the events of the ”Wano Country” arc of the acclaimed manga created by Eiichiro Oda, with the anime recently premiering its 1041 episode titled ”Showdown Battles of the Monsters! Yamato and Franky” on November 20.

The ”One Piece” manga began its story in 1997, following the adventure of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate captain of the Straw Hat Pirates who dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates.

At the moment, ”One Piece” has a total of 1050 individual chapters, with the series maintaining a large number of fans around the world, ranking as one of the best-selling manga of all time with more than 516 million copies sold. .

The movie ”One Piece Film: Red” was recently released in America, being a success by placing itself in the first places at the box office. Many fans applauded the animation of the film, so many are looking forward to the special episode that Thurlow references on his Twitter.

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While the anime continues to release new chapters, currently the streaming platform of Netflix is working on a live action ”One Piece” series, which is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023. The show stars Inaki Godoy like Luffy, Mackenyu like Roronoa Zoro and Emily Rudd like Nami.

The anime of ”One Piece” is available on the platform of crunchyroll.

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