One Piece: Top 10 Zoan Transformations, Ranked by Design

The Zoan typeIt is a kind of Devil Fruits in One Piece which allows the user to turn into an animal or human beast form, also known as a hybrid form, at will. Of all the Devil Fruit users, Zoan-types are known to be the strongest when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, as their fruits offer an incredible amount of physical strength, durability, and a high recovery rate.

In addition to their incredible power, Zoan users also have some of the most attractive designs, as their fruits are the most physically altering of all kinds of devil fruits.

10 Jack The Drought’s mammoth design is scary

Jack is one of Yonko Kaido’s Three Disasters, and makes his debut during the Zou arc. de One Piece. Wield the power of the Ancient Zoan, Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth. As the name suggests, this fruit allows you to turn into a mammoth, which is a majestic creature. Jack’s size leaves everything he goes through in utter destruction, earning him the title “Jack the Drought.” His hybrid form makes a brief appearance against Inuarashi and is very intimidating.

9 The Plague Queen is a mix of foolishness and menace1633423220 434 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Perhaps Oda’s quality of making character designs both silly and terrifying comes to life with Zoan-type Devil Fruit users, and Queen is the embodiment of that. Queen is a user of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus. His Zoan fruit gives him an enormous body that towers above everyone else, but his appearance is still somewhat ridiculous. His character design makes him a lot of fun. Additionally, Queen’s hybrid form allows her to combine scientific technology with her devil fruit powers to create an incredible character design.

8 Rob Lucci is the epitome of dark justice1633423220 669 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

While some villains from One Piece they are dumb, others are just too serious for Oda to joke with, and Rob Lucci falls into that category. Lucci’s Neko Neko no Mi model: Leopard, gives it a fierce look, as well as tremendous powers. His hybrid form combines his dark CP-9 aura with the killing instinct of a Leopard and makes him stand out as a terrible villain. Lucci also makes use of all parts of his body in battle, such as using Tobu Shigan with his claws and even Rankyaku with his tail.

7 Ulti’s Devil Fruit is perfect for its fiery nature1633423220 212 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Ulti is a member of the Tobiroppo of the Beast Pirates, and has a bounty of 400 million berries on her head. It is extremely powerful, thanks to its Haki and the use of the Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Pachycephalosaurus.

Ulti uses her mighty head to dominate others in combat, something a Pachycephalosaurus is also strong at. His Devil Fruit perfectly complements his personality.

6 The Wildfire King is an intimidating figure with his powers1633423220 526 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

King is the strongest member of the Beast Pirates after Yonko Kaido himself, which makes him extremely impressive in battle. His bounty of 1.39 billion berries shows just how powerful he is. King is extremely fierce, all thanks to his lunar bloodline and the model Ryu Ryu no Mi: Pteranodon. His Devil Fruit gives him the power to fly, and he can use his wings as swords in battle. King’s hybrid form is even more menacing, and he’s strong enough to overpower Zoro in battle.

5 Black Maria’s devil fruit is perfect for her personality1633423221 957 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Black Maria is a member of the Tobiroppo and has a bounty of 480 million berries, second only to the Who’s Who of the group. She is a user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model Rosamygale Grauvogeli, which makes her an Ancient Zoan Spider. Black Maria is extremely capable as a Devil Fruit user and spins webs to trap others, especially men. Her Devil Fruit gives her a bewitching beauty and makes her extremely dangerous at the same time, as befits someone with the personality of a Black Widow.

4 Who is who is an ancient cat that everyone loves1633423221 50 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Who is who is the strongest member of Tobiroppo and a former member of CP9 as well. It has the power of the Neko Neko no Mi, Sabretooth Cat Model, or Smilodon, which is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

Who’s Who’s design as a saber-toothed cat is one of the best Oda has come up with so far. His hybrid form makes him even more impressive, as seen during his fight against Jinbe.

3 Yamato’s Okuchi No Makami is awesome1633423221 281 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Yamato is the user of the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. Okuchi no Makami is a guardian deity, making this fruit a mythical Zoan. Yamato’s hybrid form is extremely impressive and arguably one of Oda’s best Zoan designs yet. Although the full beast form of the fruit has yet to be seen, it is likely majestic, as Yamato is supposed to be a guardian deity with his powers.

2 Marco The Phoenix was the first mythical Zoan introduced to fans1633423221 744 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Marco showed off his phoenix powers to fans during the Marineford story arc, where he stepped up with the Whitebeard Pirates to stop Portgas D. Ace’s execution. Being a phoenix, Marco is a majestic bird made only of blue flames. His Devil Fruit design is arguably one of the best in the entire series, not to mention the Zoan class. Marco’s full hybrid form has yet to be seen, however he can transform some parts of his body despite it.

1 Kaido is the legendary dragon of the One Piece world1633423221 428 One Piece Top 10 Zoan Transformations Ranked by Design.webp

Kaido is one of the Yonko of the world of One Piece, and has a Yonko’s own devil fruit power. He has eaten the Uo Uo no Mi, Model Seiryu, which allows him to turn into an eastern blue dragon at will. This Devil Fruit is incredibly powerful, but its grandeur is just as great, making it the perfect Zoan design. His hybrid form combines all the good things about his dragon form with his Oni body and makes him a more menacing villain than anyone seen before in history.