One Piece: Towards dissension among the Tenryubito? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on August 16, 2022 at 10:00

Are the Tenryubito on the verge of a historic schism? Oda seems to be preparing a scenario full of trouble for us!

Chapter 1054 of One Piece was one of those “boom” chapters à la Oda, chaining crazy revelations. And among these, in addition to the great maneuvers of Sabo, on three small squares, we learned that there was also trouble among the Tenryubito. A kind of first since God Valley era, when the latter had been protected from the crew of the Rocks by an alliance between Gol D. Roger and Garp. Thus, the unbearable Saint Charlos, already tarted by Luffy in Sabaody, and more recently during the Reverie, begins to pay the price for his wickedness, and was the victim of an assassination attempt. An already very serious fact, but which is further aggravated by Saint Mjosgard, who quite simply let the assassin go. Is Oda teasing us a division of the clan of the kings of this world?

It’s hot in Tenryubito

It must be said that if Luffy is the one who will put down the dictatorship of the World Government, he will need a lot of help. The one-piece Navy is indeed a huge chunk to take, and even Luffy in Joy Boy mode, with his large fleet, and benefiting from the aid of a number of large pirates (up to Shanks?) will have struggling to destroy a power that held 800 years. It would then be necessary that the elite governing the world be divided, with one part keeping its slavery habits, while the other, represented by Saint Mjosgard, would like to integrate change to make the world fairer. A group that should not please Ym-sama, who would then launch an internal war, weakening his power.

A repeat of the war against the D.?

This civil war may not be the first. By presenting this confrontation to us, Oda could well be teasing the first “civil war” that took place 800 years ago. The D. could thus be a faction within the original founding members who would have condemned the policy of discrimination put in place by Ym-sama and his followers. 800 years ago, a part of the tenryubito, the D., would have revolted with Joy Boy at their head. Today, part of the tenryubito would revolt again, with the arrival of a new Joy Boy in front of the walls of the World Government!