One Piece transforms Times Square; that’s how amazing it looks painted by the anime

We are less than a month away from the international premiere of “One Piece Film Red“and you can tell that the hype is in the air. Even with context episodes of the movie in the weekly anime, it’s basically impossible not to know that we have a film that will land in the coming weeks. Well, from the USA they have wanted to step on the accelerator at the level of promotions in the last few hours, and what they have done has been completely transform Times Square.

One Piece sports one of its most incredible promotions in the middle of Times Square

The result has been simply incredible, and I have several samples to show you that are sure to blow your mind. To start, there goes a little video with which to see how the thing really is in motion:

Honestly, it’s an absolute pass. That said, below I leave you with images of @Anime and also @animenyc so you can appreciate more angles and see more of how this brutal promotion of “One Piece” has been:

the truth, it seems to me one of the most amazing promotional exercises i have ever seen for an anime, and I see it difficult for it to be surpassed even by “One Piece” again properly. In other words, painting one of the busiest and most well-known places in the West in this way is not exactly an easy task, and not only at an anime level, but thinking about any kind of media production.

Maybe not on the same level, but In Spain, things are also being organized for the premiere of “One Piece Film Red” on November 3. The fact that? Well, in the following article I collect everything that was announced a few days ago Select Visionwhich will be in charge of managing the premiere in our cinemas:

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