One Piece: two huge errors spotted in chapter 1062, Eiichiro Oda apologizes

That’s a fact, Eiichiro Oda is a genius. Since 1997, the year of the launch of One Piece, the mangaka never ceases to impress us with his mastery of his story and his overflowing imagination when it comes to creating new characters and unexpected twists. Latest? The double revelation around Vegapunk that blew the brains of all fans.

Eiichiro Oda trapped by his own imagination

Unfortunately, even geniuses sometimes make mistakes, and Luffy’s dad got carried away. two huge dumplings during chapter 1062 published this Monday, October 10, 2022 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump n°45 (available in simultrad for free on Manga Plus). But first, a little bit of context.

In this chapter, it was revealed by Oda that Vegapunk was not the young woman who appeared in chapter 1061, but a host of characters. Indeed, the scientist has managed the feat of dividing his astral body through six satellites (robots) which thus share his personality. In the program ? So there is Vegapunk #1 aka Shaka which represents logic, Lilith (n°2) which represents evil, Edison (n°3) which represents flair, Pythagoras (n°4) which represents wisdom, Atlas (n°5) which represents anger and yoke (n°6) which represents desire.

Two dumplings in the same chapter of One Piece

A real headache to succeed in remembering all the names, numbers and characteristics associated with each one? Absolutely. The proof, even Eiichiro Oda managed to tangle his brushes when drawing this chapter. As we were able to discover on page 15 at the time of the official presentation of Atlas, the mangaka has wrong number by associating it with 6 when it is supposed to be 5. An embarrassing failure, especially since he was unfortunately not the only one in the chapter.

Visibly tired by the workload that has been imposed on him for several weeks as he prepares the final arc of One Piecethe author also made a small mistake on page 17, during the staging of a new Kuma Seraph. Where the latter is logically supposed to have white hair, like all the cyborgs from this unit, this new robot surprisingly appeared in the picture with… black hair. A minor inconsistency, but which did not escape some fans who quickly wondered if it was hiding a theory about the sequel.