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The story of one piece It began in that distant 1997 and, to this day, Luffy and company still live endless adventures in search of the greatest treasure of all the seas. It is clear that we will have to wait more years to know the outcome of this journey, so there are those who are afraid of dying before that moment arrives.

Last week, Russia shocked the world when it started an armed movement against Ukraine. It is a warlike conflict that, naturally, could lead to many human losses. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Ukrainians cannot leave the country, so they are hoping for the best amid fear of losing everything.

“I don’t want to die”, fan thinks he won’t see the end of One Piece

On February 22, 2 days before the Russian invasion of Ukrainian soil began, a fan of one piece went viral after sharing his dangerous situation on reddit. In his publication, he stated that he heard explosions and, therefore, thinks that he will die.

“I have many regrets in life, but one of my biggest regrets will be that I will die without knowing what love really is. one piece. It really was a long fun ride guys. I hope you all live to see the end of this journey. I hear explosions and I think this is where my journey ends. Goodbye, nakamas!” reads the user’s post.

Naturally, these statements quickly caught the attention of the community. Dozens of users sent their best wishes to the user and there were even those who tried to help him with donations or by providing useful information about evacuations.

When someone asked him why he does not seek refuge in a nearby country, the user replied that only women with children and men with a lot of money can leave Ukraine. “The sad reality is that the lower class is destined to die in this war. How can I fly to another country if I can hardly bring food to the table?

In his latest update, this fan of one piece He assured that his Wi-Fi is no longer available and that his mobile data is about to end. He said that he was trying to take refuge in a nearby school and confessed that the comments from the community gave him strength and encouragement. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from him for 4 days.

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