One Piece Unveils a New Devil Fruit Possessor

One Piece has been unraveling huge mysteries from the series and recently revealed a new Devil Fruit user.

A new Devil Fruit user has been revealed.

The recent arc of One Piece has initiate loaded with great adventures and revelationssince in this one it has been possible to know a little more about the strongest characters in the series. In addition, confidential information about the Void Century and the Ohara tragedy has also been revealed, events that the World Government has tried to hide for many years.

During the development of the events in Egghead it has been possible to know a new secret of the Devil Fruits what could completely change everything that was known so far of these mysterious objects.

Likewise, in the most recent chapters of this series, a new possessor of Devil Fruit that could create a huge imbalance in the current scale of power. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga.

A New Devil Fruit User Has Been Revealed

A new Devil Fruit user has recently been revealed.

A new Devil Fruit user has recently been revealed.

The devil fruits They are objects that are full of great mysteries since the beginning of the series, since it is Little information has been revealed about example of this has been Luffy’s Akuma no Mi, since it was believed that this was the Gomu Gomu no mi of the Paramecia type and ended up being the Hito Hito no Mi of the Mythological Zoan type, showing that what is known is very limited. know about them.

Devil Fruits have been known to grant their wielder incredible superhuman powers and abilities, pushing the limits of its user beyond what is known. However, these powerful objects have their limitations, since their owners completely lose the ability to swim or come into contact with the sea.

In the most recent episodes of the series, it has been revealed more information about Devil FruitsWell, it was Vegapunk himself who provided these details. Likewise, a new Akuma no Mi user has also been revealed that has completely surprised all followers.

The chapter # 1070 of the mangahas revealed a new Devil Fruit carrier, since in this episode Dr. Vegapunk has revealed that he has been able to replicate the Zoan-type Akuma no Mi, and has managed to obtain the powers of Paramecia-type fruits, through the lineage factor of its bearersturning it into a special type of blood, called Green Blood or (Green Blood)supplying it to his newest creations, the Seraphim.

Vegapunk has managed to replicate the powers of Paramecia-type Devil Fruits

Vegapunk has managed to replicate the powers of Paramecia-type Devil Fruits

In the midst of these revelations it has been known that the Seraphim S-Hawkthe replica of Dracule Mihawk is wielder of a Devil Fruit, which has caused a great impression, since its original version is not supposed to make use of any type of Akuma no Mi. In addition, it should be noted that the power of this mighty swordsman is still is unknown to everyone in the seriesdespite being one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

The Seraphim, S-Hawk is the new possessor of a Devil Fruit

The Seraphim, S-Hawk is the new possessor of a Devil Fruit

This discovery has been made thanks to Vegapunk’s statements about the power that these Seraphim possess and the ability they have to make use of the abilities of their original versions through the Green Bloodwhich means that S-Hawk being a carrier of the same blood type, it is able to use the power of Paramecia-type fruits.

Although it has not yet been confirmed what Paramecia-type ability this powerful Seraphim possesses, it would not be unreasonable to imagine that it could be of the same type. Supa Supa no Mi by Daz Bonesince it allows its user turn any part of your body into sharp steel bladesbeing this an ideal skill for S-Hawk due to his swordsmanship. It is necessary to highlight that Bone is a prisoner of Impel Down, so he could be a clear candidate for the experiments that Vegapunk carried out with the lineage factor of these pirates.

It remains to wait for the plot to continue developing to know exactly what kind of Paramecia-type ability does the Seraphim S-Hawk possess in the series, since with this revelation he could be projected as one of the most powerful characters in the series, taking into account the great gifts he has inherited from his original version, Mihawk who is a swordsman and pirate with truly overwhelming power and a stranger.