One Piece: Usopp’s Best Identities – From Sogeking to God Usopp

Usopp has told some interesting stories in One Piece. In fact, fans know him as a great liar, but they can’t seem to hate him. He may not be one of the first to get into a fight, but he has his own ways of getting out of sticky situations in one piece.

Of course, this includes telling tall tales and assuming false identities. He has taken on numerous aliases throughout the series, and some of them have actually stuck. Here are the best identities of the Straw Hat Pirates’ resident sniper.


The Going Merry was in very poor shape when the crew returned to the blue waters after defeating Enel. They went to Water 7 hoping it would be fixed, but unfortunately they were told that the ship was beyond repair. There was no choice but to say goodbye to him and embark on a new one. Luffy decided to let Water 7 be the Going Merry’s resting place and move on, but Usopp opposed the idea. Being fully aware that the rubber man was the captain, he abandoned the crew and challenged him to a duel with the ship at stake. In the end he lost, but Merry’s property won.

That is also the time that Robin was brought to Enies’ lobby by CP9. After learning of the situation, Usopp couldn’t sit idly by as his former teammates rushed to save her. He quickly put on a costume and claimed to be Sogeking, as his pride would not allow him to go as Usopp. Under this guise, he fought alongside the other Straw Hats and was instrumental in Luffy’s declaration of war against the World Government by shooting his flag.

The only one who was truly fooled by his disguise was Luffy, and it is still unknown if Luffy has realized that Sogeking is just Usopp in disguise. However, not even the government knew of this fact at the time and posted a wanted poster for Sogeking, which is also Usopp’s first bounty.

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The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tontatta were also victims of Usopp’s lies. Learning of the Tontatta tribe’s history with Mont Blanc Noland, he claimed descent from the legendary seaman and called himself Usoland. In addition, he reinforced his claims by telling them about fake achievements based on real stories. The gullible creatures believed him and considered him a respectable character, especially Leo, now a captain of the Tontatta Pirates, who considered him a hero.

Initially, Usopp intended it to be a temporary stay while he waited for an opportunity to escape. However, he changed his mind after hearing that the dwarves refused to abolish their belief in him. One thing led to another, and the result was Usopp defeating Sugar with his ugly face. This cemented his image with the Tontatta tribe to the point that Usoland’s grotesque facial expression became the head of the Tontatta Pirates, and they even christened their ship with that nickname.

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Usohachi is Usopp’s false identity in Wano. To blend in with the citizens, Usohachi would dress in a light blue yukata under a black and white hakama. His costume was complete with a katana and a fake full beard. He took on the role of salesman and used his flowery talent for speaking to sell toad oil. Naturally, this was just a front; his true goal was to search for allies by identifying Kozuki’s retainers who were hiding. It was also his task to spread the secret message of the rebellion to said samurai. Usopp used Big Mom’s use of Color of the Supreme King’s Haki to his advantage, stating that he was “Usohachi the Brother Hunter” and that he was the one who unleashed said haki.

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God Usopp is an interesting alias. For once, it’s not something that Usopp claimed, but rather something that people assumed after a series of coincidences. Everything fell into place when Usopp’s terrifying facial expression knocked Sugar out, freeing all the toys under the influence of his Devil Fruit powers. Hajrudin held it up to make sure everyone had a clear view of their savior. Interestingly, Sabo broke a part of the ground above Usopp, causing a few beams of light to shine down on him. Usopp, barely conscious, spoke a few words, which were interpreted as telling the people that he would be their guide. This resulted in people proclaiming him as the God Usopp, which the government also picked up and used for their updated wanted poster.

Usopp is a talented liar, and that’s one of the reasons fans of One Piece they adore him It is unlikely that he will ever change, so it is very likely that one or two more identities will occur to him as he realizes his dream of becoming a true and brave warrior of the sea.