One Piece: Uta will appear in the series for Christmas! – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 24 Dec 2022 at 15:10

Uta will be talked about again in One Piece, during these Christmas holidays!

One Piece Red will have really been a hit until the end! It must be said that the latest film in the franchise (out of 15 productions) broke all records, in a year 2022 that was nevertheless auspicious for manga. It thus became in ten days the film the highest grossing in all of One Piece historybefore a month later reaching the heights and pass number 7 in the list of highest-grossing films in Japanese history. In other words, everything is done to push the Toei to bring us back as often as possible to this universe, which has apparently won over the fans. We are therefore not surprised by this announcement, which has just been made on Uta!

A real surprise for the Mugiwara!

Indeed, the heroine of this film, Uta, will return! And not on any date, since she will appear in the next episode of One Piece, scheduled for this Christmas – so, quite simply, tomorrow! We imagine that this arrival in the saga of Shanks’ adopted daughter will obviously be through a filler, these episodes added to the main narration. We also know that she should for the occasion put on a Santa Claus costume. Will the Mugiwara give each other gifts on December 25?

As a reminder, currently, the Straw Hats are on Egg Head, the island tampered with by the genius Vegapunk, where many revelations are made to them in view of the grand finale of the manga.

Could Uta become canon?

It should also be remembered that this is not the first appearance of Uta outside the film. Indeed, when One Piece RED was released in August, we were entitled during one of the last chapters of the Wano arc, 1055, to a page where we saw Uta composing his “divine melody”.

So who’s hot?