One Piece: Volume 100 Collector’s Edition is finally available!

The most popular manga in the world, the Collector’s Edition of Volume 100 of One Piece is finally available. Out of stock almost everywhere, this offer is intended for those who absolutely want to get the precious sesame.

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Discover Volume 100 Collector’s Edition of One Piece

“Fortune, Glory and Power, this man had amassed all the wealth in the world. His name Gold Roger, king of the pirates. “My Treasure? I leave it to you if you want to FIND IT! I left it somewhere in this world. These phrases spoken during the opening credits of the episodes rocked millions and millions of people around the world. If the anime is a real success, the One Piece manga has become an institution over the years. For nearly 25 years, 490 million volumes have been sold worldwide, to follow the adventures of Luffy and his crew to conquer the seas and One Piece, the treasure to become the Pirate King.

One Piece: get Volume 100 Collector’s Edition now!

Luffy, Nami, Franky, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Chopper, Usopp and Brook. Here is the composition of the straw hat crew whose adventures you are invited to follow across the seas around the world. Faced with the Navy, the Grand Corsairs and the Emperors, the path will be strewn with pitfalls for Captain Luffy to realize his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates.

Volume 100 Collector’s Edition is available at 119 euros on Amazon. A higher price but intended for those who absolutely wish to obtain the Tome. As for the classic edition, it is available at a price of 6.90 euros on Amazon.

For those who want to wait for a possible restocking, here are the merchant sites likely to be restocked:

  • One Piece Volume 100 Collector’s Edition on Amazon
  • One Piece Volume 100 Collector’s Edition on Rakuten
  • One Piece Volume 100 Collector’s Edition on Cdiscount
  • One Piece Volume 100 Collector’s Edition at Fnac

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