One Piece volume 100 is in stock!

Good news One Piece volume 100 is in stock!

Despite a first record printing, One Piece volume 100 has long been difficult to find (and we don’t even tell you about the collector’s edition). Fortunately, the 100th volume of Luffy’s Adventures is back in stock on Amazon before Christmas!

One Piece tome 100: the world’s best-selling manga is back in stock on Amazon

In 2021, there are already around 3.5 million volumes of One Piece sold, which makes 8.5% of the manga market in France for a single title. It is staggering. Crazier still: One Piece volume 100 was the biggest launch in manga history in France. With its 250,000 copies in the first printing, Luffy and its nakama are doing as well as a Goncourt price launch.

Despite this huge print run, volume 100 quickly found itself … out of stock. But don’t panic, he can still find himself at the foot of a good bundle of Christmas trees! The King is back, and Amazon has put 100 volumes back on the shelves.

Of course, you can give up the collector’s edition, which is sold out in a few moments by a horde of scalpers (unscrupulous people who rely on the scarcity of a product to resell it to fans for a high price). The main thing is that the manga is again available at its base price: € 6.90.

Buy One Piece volume 100 for € 6.90 on Amazon

Note that if you buy volume 99 and you plan to take the future volume 101 of One Piece in addition to volume 100, it is possible to put the covers of the 3 volumes side by side to form a large frieze. On a library, it really looks good.

Before volume 100, let’s take a look at the history of One Piece

Who does not know One Piece in 2021? The world’s best-selling manga chronicles the adventures of a young boy, Luffy, who dreams of becoming the freest man in the world, the Pirate King. Luffy will therefore start looking for companions to go in search of the greatest treasure: the One Piece.

One Piece is a shonen with an extremely rich universe. Most people who have trouble joining Luffy aboard Vogue Merry consider Eichiro Oda’s work to be too long. Frankly, it would be silly to miss out on one of the greatest masterpieces in comic book history for such consideration.

One Piece is slowly coming to an end. According to the author, there are about 4 years of adventure left for Luffy and his nakamas. If you want our opinion, given the length of the Wano Kuni arc being released and all that remains to be said, we can hope to scratch another 1 or 2 years. In any case, know that it is not too late to get started and follow the end of the manga at the same time as all the fans. I promise, it will not be wasted time.

Buy One Piece volume 100 for € 6.90 on Amazon

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