One Piece was inspired by a small town in Spain for one of its locations

One Piece was inspired by a beautiful little town in Spain to create one of its locationsand although we know that Eiichiro Oda tends to do this constantlyIt’s always impressive to see the resemblance.

On this occasion we will not talk about big cities like London or Venice, but about Morellalocated in the Province of Castellón, in the east of Spain.

this pretty town gave rise to nothing more and nothing less than the Kingdom of Goaand if you don’t believe me, I’ll leave you the comparison below.

One Piece was inspired by a small town in Spain
The Kingdom of Goa exists in real life. About. Image: Toei Animation.

As you can see, this walled town is built around a huge castle that is located in the center, and which gives a visual impact to all visitors.

This same provision is found in Morellawhich is also a town with walls with the same arrangement of buildings that we see in the kingdom of goa.

One Piece was inspired by a small town Morella Spain
Quite similar. Image: Traveller.

Although it does not look as symmetrical as the locality we see in One Piecehas quite a few similarities, so we can assume that Eiichiro Oda he was shocked to learn of its existence.

One Piece was inspired by a small town in Spain for one of its locations, or maybe it was in this other place

As it is not known for sure where the creator of One Piece took the inspiration for his scenarios, there are some discrepancies in this regard.

There are those who claim that the Kingdom of Goa is actually inspired by Metropolitan Manilathe capital city of the Philippines.

This comparison is not entirely visual, but spatial, since this area has similar locations to the Gray Terminal and the Mount Colubus very close.

Comparison of the Kingdom of Goa with Manila

Only Eiichiro Oda himself could confirm if he took inspiration from these two places for the kingdom of Goa in One Piece, so if you come across him, ask him.

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