One Piece: Was Roger’s crew specialized in haki? – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 13, 2022 at 14:19

The Pirate Lord’s crew was made up of particularly powerful members. Yet upon closer inspection, it appears that none of these elite pirates ate Devil Fruit. Was the power of this legendary crew based solely on haki?

If there is a crew that has marked the world of One Piece, it is that of Gold Roger, who not only managed to go to the end of Grand Line to discover the One Piece, but benefited from such a power that he multiplied the exploits. But when you look closer, you are quickly surprised by one fact: it seems that almost none of the members have eaten a devil fruit. Indeed, apart from Baggy, who moreover ate his fruit inadvertently, because of Shanks, we have never seen any of the known pirates who sailed on the Oro Jackson use a rather special power, specific to the devil fruit. One can then wonder where all these monsters got their strength from. However in the world of One Piece, there are only two sources of power, the fruits of the devil… and the haki. Was the latter at the origin of their ascendancy in piracy?

This hypothesis would not be surprising. We indeed learned recently from Kaidô that haki was higher than devil fruits in the scale of power. But it turned out that Gold Roger, but also his second Rayleigh had no devil fruit. We can therefore imagine that recruitment on the Oro Jackson was based on a person’s ability to deploy a particular haki, right down to the young moss, as we can see with Shanks, also a monstrous holder of a haki of kings who have never eaten a devil fruit. We can even note also that, coincidentally, Oden, who joined the crew along the way, also drew his power from haki, whether that of armament or the haki of kings.

Shanks, total heir to Gold Roger?

If this were the case, then we would understand that the crew of Shanks also seems to be devilishly fruitless, the Roux building his crew on the model of his spiritual father Gold Roger. Shanks can thus deploy monstrous kings haki, while among his lieutenants would be an armament haki specialist with Ben Beckman, capable of holding Kizaru at gunpoint, and an observation haki specialist with Yasopp. And you, what do you think of this theory?