One Piece was voted the second favorite book of the French (and it’s well deserved)

Manga continue their mad ascent in the hearts of readers, especially the French. For several months, the French were able to vote for their favorite book in a contest called The favorite book of the French, all formats combined, whether it is a novel, a French comic strip, or a manga. This Thursday, December 15, France 2 TV unveiled the 25 favorite books of the French, and revelation: One Piece ranks second!

One Piece ranks just behind the feel-good novel It’s high time to rekindle the stars by Virginie Grimaldi, published in 2018 by Fayard editions. Harry Potter complete the podium, The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry placed fourth, Wretched of Victor Hugo fifth, The Lord of the Rings of JRR Tolkien sixth, and the count of Monte Cristo of Alexandre Dumas, seventh.

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See One Piece in front of such monuments of literature is not a surprise. The series does not cease, from year to year, to win the hearts of children and adults. It has sold more than 34.7 million copies in France since its publication, and in 2021, it alone represented 9.22% of the manga market in France. Moreover, volume 103 is in first place in book sales this week with more than 70,000 sales in just three days. Internationally, One Piece exceeded Harry Potter and its 500 million sales, and is since August 2022 the best-selling fiction of all time.

Other manga are included in the list of the 25 favorite books of the French. Thereby, dragonball manages to climb to ninth position and against all odds, Berserk ranks tenth. When you know that this manga is intended for an exclusively adult audience, it’s a real feat to see it so high.

Anyway, congratulations manga readers and kudos to Eiichiro Oda for his masterpiece.