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After the great war of Onigashima, the bounties of the Mugiwara will once again be revised upwards, and to a mythical level. Today, the editorial staff gives you its estimates of the future bonuses of the greatest crew of One Piece!

That’s it, we come to the end of One Piece. Oda will take a month break in order to prepare its final saga. But before that, a last chapter awaits us, in which we will be able to discover not only Admiral Ryokugyu’s face, but also (and above all!) the new bonuses. And before they come out, we offer you our estimates!


Chopper is the doctor who can turn into a monster, but who has to eat from the start a running-gag in which he is considered a simple mascot of the crew by the Navy. A running gag that should end since the CP-0 was able to directly witness the fights, and see Chopper slap the Okanban Queen. Oda should thus give a finally substantial bonus, and exceeding that of the weakest after him, namely Nami – who was 66 million berries -.

Chopper: 70,000,000 berries


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Nami has been solid

The thieving cat is basically a weak link in the crew, a member of the weak trio with Chopper and Usopp. But in this arc, she faced Ulti, and with the help of Usopp and Zeus managed to defeat the Tobi Roppo, whose bounty was 400 million berries. We should thus see her benefit from a little more than half of the bonus of the latter (since she holds Zeus).

Nami: 220,000,000 berries


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Usopp, rather put in his place

Usopp had a somewhat fallacious rise in the Dressrosa era, due to his title as God Usopp. His bounty had then risen to 200 million berries at the time – making it the fifth of the crew. Onigashima should allow for some rebalancing, and the sniper, who helped Nami beat Ulti, should only see his bounty grow slightly.

Usopp: 250,000,000 berries


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Unlike the other Mugiwara, Brook didn’t have a direct opponent, but helped Robin in his fight against Black Maria (with a bounty of 480 million berries) by turning on his entire small troop. The pirate with a price of 83 million berries could thus be entitled to at least half of it, with an enhancement due to his battle against the monstrous Big Mom.

Brook: 285,000,000 berries


One Piece We estimate the new bonuses after Wano Kuni

The carpenter and creative genius of the crew should experience quite a climb. We remember that before the arc, he had a bounty of 94 million berries. But during Wano Kuni, he faced, and defeated, the Tobi Roppo Sasaki and his 472 million berries. There is thus a risk here of coming close to 500 million.

Franky: 492,000,000 berries


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Robin can be worried

Here we get to the heart of the matter, the monstrous bonuses. Robin, as mentioned above, defeated Black Maria, the Tobi Roppo who had a bounty of 480 million berries. But on top of that, she played Big Mom with Jinbei, and in addition, is again an urgent and primary target of the Gorosei. We can clearly see him having his opponent’s bonus, plus a big extra due to his particular personality.

Robin: 680,000,000 berries


1655209952 594 One Piece We estimate the new bonuses after Wano Kuni

Even before the Wano Kuni arc, Jinbei had a monstrous bounty. His departure from the order of Shichibukai had led the Navy to ask a bounty of 438 million berries. But the Battle of Onigashima showed he was well above that bounty. He thus VERY easily defeated Who’s Who and his 546 million berries. The proof that he was far above the Tobi Roppo, which we could see in the simple fact that he had been able to escape Big Mom alone. He showed that he had the level bordering that of a sugary general – excluding Katakuri – or a Jack. His bounty should therefore be a little lower than 1 billion, something between Perospero and Cracker.

Jinbei: 830,000,000 berries


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Yamato, a phenomenal force

Here we arrive on the 1 billion. Yamato has shown that she can break any Tobi Roppo quite easily by making Ulti fly, and is especially part of the club of those who have managed to fight against Kaido, like the Supernova. She has also shown that she has mastered the Haki of Kings, which puts her on the level of a Katakuri, whose bounty is 1.057 billion berries. She should thus benefit from a very close bonus.

Yamato: 1,060,000,000 berries


1655209953 268 One Piece We estimate the new bonuses after Wano Kuni

The Mugiwara cook’s bonus can obviously only be monstrous. The reason ? He defeated the Okanban Queen, whose bounty is 1.32 billion berries. Knowing that King’s, who one wonders if he could beat, is 1.39 billion berries, that of Nami’s lover, Robin (and Yamato!) should be between the two.

Sanji: 1,350,000,000 berries


1655209953 973 One Piece We estimate the new bonuses after Wano Kuni

Zoro has arrived at the demon level

Zoro’s bounty should establish him as the most powerful of all Yonkou’s lieutenants. The swordsman has indeed destroyed King, the Okanban with 1.39 billion berries. But beyond this feat, he also withstood the combined attack of Big Mom and Kaido, and was one of the very few in the entire history of the series to be able to hurt this same Kaido.

Zoro: 1,520,000,000 berries


1655209954 235 One Piece We estimate the new bonuses after Wano Kuni

Luffy enters a very closed club

For Luffy, we enter an ultra-select club. The Mugiwara obviously imposed its paw by destroying the most powerful creature in the world, whose bounty amounts to 4.611 billion berries. But if the Mugiwara succeeded in defeating him, by awakening his Hito Hito no mi, it should also be remembered that he defeated a pirate who also faced during the same war the nine red scabbards, Yamato, as well as the 5 supernovae in combo with Big Mom. Luffy should therefore not be considered to be totally up to the latter. The Navy should give him an emperor’s bonus, but far from that of Kaido, Big Mom, or Shanks, who could stand alone against Kaido. On the other hand, he should surpass the opportunistic Blackbeard, and reach 3 billion berries – double his previous bounty.

Luffy: 2,940,000,000 berries

And you, what is your opinion?