One Piece: what are mythological fruits and who has them?

The latest manga posts from one piece (#1043 Y #1044) have caused quite a stir among lovers of this great pirate story. After all, they caused one of the biggest reveals in recent years and it has to do with what we know as Devil Fruits. Therefore, in this note one piece we will explain what mythological/mythical fruits are, how many there are so far and who has them.

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Before starting the list we must know what mythological fruits are:

What are mythological fruits?

To understand what mythological fruits are in one piecealso known as mythical, it is necessary to review what Zoan fruits are. These allow their user to transform into an animal or, rather, into another being.. The clarification is made because there are “Hito Hito” fruits that give human characteristics. In any case, the user receives great strength and can transform at will into a hybrid or full form.

Taking this into account, mythological or mythical fruits are extremely rare. These are Zoan fruits that grant great powers associated with the being in which they can be transformed.. Other than that, they follow the same rules as all other fruits. There are only eight confirmed in both the manga and the anime at the moment, which we can find below:

One Piece: Who Has Mythological or Mythical Fruits?

These eight characters ate a mythological fruit:


Marco “the Phoenix” was the commander of the First Division of the Whitebeard Pirates. After losing in the Battle of Vengeance between what was left of Whitebeard’s followers and the Blackbeard Pirates, he became a doctor on Sphinx Island.

Marco’s fruit is the Tori Tori: Phoenix Model. This allows him to turn into a phoenix of blue flames that allows him to fly very fast. The flames are healing, so Marco can take damage and heal immediately. He can also heal others but at a slower speed.

Marco’s first appearance was in chapter 234 of the manga and episode 134 of the anime. The first time we saw the fruit of him in use was in chapter 553 of the manga and episode 463 of the anime.


Sengoku was for a long time the admiral of the Navy fleet. Although he gave up his position to just be the inspector, he is a very important character because of his relationship with others like Don Quixoje Doflamingo.

The Sengoku fruit is the Hito Hito: Buddha Model. This allows him to become a gigantic Buddha and make his body golden. With the growth of his arms he can generate large shock waves that cause serious damage on impact. No other uses have been disclosed.

Sengoku’s first appearance was in the 234th chapter of the manga and the 134th episode of the anime (just like Marco). The power of his fruit was first shown in chapter 571 of the manga and 480 of the anime..

Catherine Devon

Catherine Devon joined the Blackbeard Pirates after Marshall D. Teach freed her from level VI Impel Down. She became one of the Ten Titan Captains, as she is the captain of the sixth ship.

Catarina Devon’s fruit is the Inu Inu: Kyubi no Kitsune (Nine-Tailed Fox) model. Although not much is known about her, so far it is known that it allows her to turn into any other person.

Catarina Devon’s first appearance in the manga was in chapter 575, while in the anime she did her thing in episode 484. His powers were shown until relatively recently, as they were seen in chapter 925 and episode 917, respectively..

Kurozumi Orochi?

Kurozumi Orochi He is the current shogun of Wano Country. He is one of the antagonists of the current Wano Country arc and has been Kaidou’s ally for a long time.

The Orochi fruit is Hebi Hebi: yamata-no-orochi pattern. This fruit allows him to turn into a multi-headed snake. The number can vary, but you have a maximum of eight. The transformation grants high physical resistance and the ability to bite down hard on enemies at a great range.

The character first appeared in chapter 927 of the manga and episode 921 of the anime.. The power of the fruit was revealed that same time.


Onimaru is a fox who was a companion to Ringo’s last daimyo, Shimotsuki Ushimaru. Since his death, Onimaru has dedicated himself to protecting Ringo’s graves.

Onimaru’s fruit is the Hito-Hiro: Onyudo model. This allows him to become a great yokai monk with whom he is known as Gyukimaru. In this form he can speak like a human and has great strength and speed due to his size.

Onimaru was introduced in chapter 936 of the manga and episode 932 of the anime.. We got to see Gyukimaru in action in those same numbers.


Yamato is Kaido’s daughter, but she decided to join the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to defeat the Beast Pirates.

His fruit is the Inu Inu: Okuchi no Makami model. Okuchi-no-makami is a wolf deity worshiped by rural Japanese for a long time. In the case of Yamato, this helps him to gain physical strength to the point of being able to fight hand in hand with his father. She has ice abilities, allowing her to make barriers that protect her and freeze enemies.

Yamato appeared on the scene in chapter 971 of the manga and episode 972 of the anime. The first time it was used was in chapter 1020 and it hasn’t come out in the anime yet.


Kaidou He is the leader of the Beast Pirates and one of the Four Emperors (along with Blackbeard, Shanks, and Big Mom), who is occupying Wano Country.

Kaidou’s fruit is the Uo Uo: Seiryu model. This allows him to turn into a blue eastern dragon that endows him with unrivaled stamina. Additionally, he gains elemental abilities such as fire breath, lightning blasts, and slashing wind waves. He is even able to use the same ability that allows him to float to lift large things like an island.

The first time we saw Kaidou was in chapter 795 of the manga and episode 739 of the anime. Its fruit is not seen in action until chapter 921 and episode 912.

Monkey D Luffy

Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece and who we have seen since its beginning. Until recently the fruit from it was thought to be a Paramecia known as the Gomu Gomu no Mi. However, as we explained in the notes to the chapters #1043 Y #1044his fruit would actually be the Hito Hiro Zoan: Nika model.

Nika is an ancient warrior, also known as the “Sun God”, who is the hope of the slaves who one day hope that he will free them with his smile from all suffering. This is information, which Who’s-Who heard in his time in Impel Down prison, is the only one we have about Nika, the “Sun God”. (…)

(…) The five elders of the Gorosei, at the time of revealing the true name of the Devil Fruit or Akuma no mi of Monkey D Luffy also commented on what powers this fruit has that we previously thought was the Gomu gomu no mi. The powers of the Hito hito not mi type zoan mythological model Nika, give the user the properties of rubber allowing him to fight according to his imagination.

We have always known his rubber skills, but his so-called Gear 5 (with his Nika form) only appeared recently in the chapters indicated.

Other possible mythological fruit users

There are other cases of users of fruit that could not be pointed out exactly if they are (or were) users of mythological fruit specifically.

In discussion: Joy Boy

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Joy Boy is a legend closely related to fish-man island. It is about a person who at some point promised to change the world but could not achieve it at the time, so he promised that 800 years later he would return, something indicated in the Poneglyph.

It is said that Joy Boy was a previous user of Luffy’s Hito Hito: Nika model. Therefore, Luffy could be the next Joy Boy that the legends speak of.

In discussion: Momonosuke

In Punk Hazard Momonosuke ate an artificial Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk. This allowed him to turn into a dragon. Although it is an artificial creation, it is said that this fruit was intended to be a copy of Kaido’s. This is very possible, because in Momonosuke’s adult form, the transformation is identical to Kaidou’s but in a different color.