One Piece: What are the longest anime sagas? What about the manga? How are they different?

one piece“It is not short of chapters. No, I have not discovered El Dorado or life on the Moon. Eiichiro Oda’s work is immense, and it is simply fascinating that a universe that has spent decades astonishing millions of people comes out, mostly, from the head of a single individual. Among so many cartoons, it has obviously been necessary sagas and arcs that structured such a creation, and today we finally have the official order of all this.

Do you mess with One Piece? Below you have all the sagas from more to less

It was thanks to newworldartur that I have been able to put my paws on two tremendously useful infographics to order the “One Piece” universe. To begin, I leave you below with the one that represents each and every one of the sagas of the manga by its length in a comfortable bar chart:

Longest sagas of the One Piece manga

And based on the graph that, again, is made with official data, I leave you the sagas by duration next (from longest to shortest):

  1. Wano: 146 chapters (for now) / From chapter 909 onwards.
  2. Water Seven-Enies Lobby: 138 chapters / From chapter 304 to 441.
  3. Alabasta: 117 chapters / From chapter 102 to 218.
  4. Summit War: 106 chapters / From chapter 491 to 597.
  5. Dressrosa: 102 chapters / From chapter 700 to 801.
  6. East Blue: 101 chapters / From chapter 1 to 101.
  7. Whole Cake Island: 86 chapters / From chapter 823 to 908.
  8. Skypiea (Sky Island): 85 chapters / From chapter 219 to 303.
  9. Gyojin Island (Fishman Island): 56 chapters / From chapter 598 to 653.
  10. Thriller Bark: 49 chapters / From chapter 442 to 490.
  11. Punk Hazard: 46 chapters / From chapter 654 to 699 (there was an error in the initial count).
  12. Zou: 21 chapters / From chapter 802 to 822.

The second infographic that I have told you about is actually a comparison between the extension of the arcs of “One Piece” in the manga and in the anime. However, for the occasion I will also use it to see the extension of each anime saga directly.

Longest sagas of One Piece anime

anime sagas

This second infographic, then, leaves the following results at the extension level “One Piece” anime official:

  1. Wano: 137 episodes (for now).
  2. Summit War: 122 episodes.
  3. Dressrosa: 118 episodes.
  4. Water Seven-Ennies Lobby: 110 episodes.
  5. Whole Cake Island: 107 episodes.
  6. Alabasta: 74 episodes.
  7. Gyojin Island (Fishman Island): 57 episodes.
  8. East Blue: 54 episodes.
  9. Skypiea (Sky Island): 52 episodes.
  10. Punk Hazard: 46 episodes.
  11. Thriller Bark: 45 episodes.
  12. Zou: 29 episodes.

Finally, taking advantage of this same comparative infographic, I will list from more to less how the “One Piece” anime has had more (or less) episodes than the manga.

How the anime’s One Piece sagas compare to the manga (from most to least)

  1. Whole Cake Island: 21 more chapters in anime than manga.
  2. Dressrosa: 16 more chapters in anime than in manga.
  3. Summit War: 15 more chapters in anime than in manga.
  4. Zou: 8 more chapters in anime than in manga.
  5. Gyojin Island (Fishman Island): 1 chapter more in anime than in manga.
  6. Punk Hazard: Same number of chapters in both anime and manga.
  7. Thriller Bark: 4 chapters less in anime than in manga.
  8. Wano: 9 chapters less in anime than in manga (for now).
  9. Water Seven-Ennies Lobby: 28 chapters less in anime than in manga.
  10. Skypiea (Sky Island): 33 chapters less in anime than in manga.
  11. Alabasta: 43 chapters less in anime than in manga.
  12. East Blue: 47 chapters less in anime than in manga.

A curiosity that I extract from these infographics is that it can be seen how as the anime progressed, it had more and more the need to extend the extension of its anime sagas with respect to the manga. This is what “One Piece” has to be a weekly anime for more than 20 years, a smart decision (although not always satisfactory) to avoid the crime that spoils everything: surpass the manga. On the other hand, it is clear that Wano’s situation is purely temporary, so it may be that in a few weeks he will have to review all this.

Synopsis of One Piece

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who absorbs the powers of the rubber devil fruit and is inspired by the red-haired pirate, Shanks, to sail the seas. After the shocking statement from Gol D. Roger, the previous king of the pirates who put at their disposal the ‘One Piece’, the treasure that would crown the next monarch, hundreds of pirates decided to start their great adventure. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates will try to make history as new candidates.

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