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By The Worm Brush

– Published on May 31, 2022 at 11:42

One Piece will forever mark the otaku community. A real manga juggernaut, the OSTs found in the anime are also memorable.

The first episode of One Piece aired in October 1999, so almost 23 years ago. And since then, the anime has become a real reference for Japanese animation fans. Over time, fans of the anime from One Piece were more and more numerous, the oldest initiating the new generations.

And as with any good anime, a wide range of OSTs have been created for One Pieceranging from more optimistic or more emotional. Here is a selection of the most iconic OSTs that fans will always remember.

“We Are! by Hiroshi Kitadani

The most emblematic opening of the series One Piece is most certainly We are!“. Anyone who has ever watched at least one episode of the anime will know this OST. The uniquely energetic and uplifting music and lyrics are ingrained in the minds and hearts of fans around the world. And when you step back, you realize that listening to this opening, it really feels like going on a trip with the Mugiwara.

Over time, this song has had many versions, including the video performed by the actors of the first members of the crew. More recently, this OST has had a huge refresh with episode 1000proving that this opening is timeless.

Memories by Maki Otsuki

Just like for ” We are!“, any fan knows the first ending of One PieceMemories by Maki Otsuki. This is without a doubt one of the most moving OSTs of the series. It is also still used in some of the more recent episodes. If you pay attention, you will be able to hear it in the flashback scenes, such as when Sanji reminisces about his memories alongside the crew or the scene where Roger and his crew finally arrive on the last island, Laugh Tale. In the universe of One Piecethis song has become synonymous with good memories.

Using instruments like drums and guitar, ” Memories » has a warm, nostalgic side, like the memories the song evokes. When you think about it, as I got older, this OST has become the perfect representation of the memories fans have with One Piece.


Have you ever noticed that heavy, powerful, imposing tune playing in the background when Luffy is about to defeat an opponent? This is the title ” Overtaken“. One might think that the air is no longer really topical, yet there is no more characteristic for an anime than its pre-battle melody. Since its first appearance, this melody has become the best representation of the epic side of One Piece.

We easily recognize Overtaken to its drum beats and accompanying trumpets. It could be a melody worthy of a marching band, but above all it announces that the Mugiwara are heading straight for the enemy. As soon as you hear this music, you can’t help but feel the excitement rising, because she is a sign that something big is about to happen.

“Fight Together” by Namie Amuro

It is certainly not the first opening or ending, but ” fight together managed to make an impression. It pays homage to the Mugiawara’s history, while giving us a glimpse of their future together. By linking the animation sequence to the lyrics and scenario they encompass, we realize that ” fight together is one of the OSTs One Piece the most engaging.

This opening confronts us with Luffy, strongly shaken by the loss of Ace, and the harsh reality of having been part of his crew, a difficult situation to live with. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat members face the guilt of not being able to be there for Luffy when they, too, have to train for their reunion. This opening shows us beautifully the feelings that our favorite characters experience during this periodwhile revealing their true strengths.

“Hope” by Namie Amuro

This is the 20th opening of One Piece and we realize that Namie Amuro really has a gift for conveying emotions in her songs, like ” fight together“. ” Hope highlights two important messages: Sanji’s desire to stay with the Mugiwaras and the Straw Hats’ fight to help him break free from his past. The opening tune oscillates between peace and hope, playing between memories of Sanji alongside the Mugiwaras and clashes.

This period is one of the few in the history of One Piece where the loyalty of one of the Mugiwaras is questioned. The arc itself was particularly important in order to demonstrate the strength of the bonds that bind Luffy to his crew as well as their mutual trust. ” Hope offered an excellent overview of this arc, while highlighting the scenes of epic battles.

“We go! by Hiroshi Kitadani

This opening takes up the energy and the optimism of the first opening ” We are!“, which we mentioned earlier. ” We go! appears after a two-year time jump and refers to the sensations that ” We are ! had made us feel at the time. The animation sequence highlights the path traveled by the Mugiwaras and illustrates the new skills and appearances of each of the members. Once again, the opening gives us the impression of going on a journey, an exciting journey.