One Piece: What could Oden Kozuki’s bounty have been? – melty

By sydney

– Published on 08 Oct 2022 at 12:00

Oden Kozuki was one of the most impressive pirates of his generation. What, then, could have been his bounty in his heyday?

In One Piece, a pirate who counts is a pirate with a bounty on his head, and a very big one if possible. This is especially seen in these final chapters, where the three supernovas that ended Kaido and Big Mom’s reign were able to receive a bonus of 3 billion each, while the founding members of the quasi-mafia organization Cross Guild – Baggy, Crocodile and Mihawk – are entitled to even more generous figures. Almost all of the main pirate characters have now had their bounty revealed, showing where they fit in the hierarchy. There are very rare exceptions to this principle. There is obviously Monkey D. Dragon, a special character since he is the mysterious leader of the revolutionaries, and, a little more surprising, Oden Kozuki. It is not known if the Prince of Wano Kuni ever got a bounty for her capture, or if she remains hidden for the time being. However, we can try to evaluate its price in berries by taking certain elements into consideration.

Bounties, power level indicator

First, Oden was the third strongest pirate in Whitebeard’s crew (as Commander of the Second Fleet, behind Marco), a crew on the same level as Gold Roger’s, as seen in their match. zero after three days of fighting. A power enhanced by his later admission into Roger’s crew, where sees him being treated on the same level as Scopper Gaban and Rayleigh. Last clue about Oden’s muscles, he was the only one until the Wano Kuni rebellion to be able to pierce Kaido’s skin. Oden is thus clearly above any of the Emperor’s lieutenants, whose highest known bounty is King’s, at 1.39 billion berries.

Oden, Poneglyph Reader

But that’s not all. If by his simple power, Oden can quite easily touch the 1.5 billion berries, it must also be taken into account that he is a beneficiary of the knowledge of the Kozuki clan, the cutter of the poneglyphs. A legacy that allows him to read these steles which, assembled end to end, reveal the history of the lost century, and also lead to Laugh Tale and One Piece! In other words, his knowledge is as dangerous as his power. When we know that Robin is mainly for this reason estimated at 930 million berries, and that a man like Crocodile for his dangerousness far exceeding his power is worth 1.965 billion berries, we can estimate that Oden’s bounty would easily exceed the 2 billion berries.

With all these elements in mind, we can therefore lean towards a premium of around 2.2 billion berries.

And you, what is your estimate?