One Piece: What does it mean to ‘defeat’ a Sea Emperor?

No one knows whether to consider the victory of the Worst Generation over the Emperors a real victory. Kid and Law only knocked down Big Mom of Onigashima and pulled her out of the battle; they didn’t actually kill her and might not even have knocked her out. Likewise, few people believe that Kaidō was killed even after being driven into the ground and submerged in magma, nor do they believe this is the case for Big Mom. People are more likely to attribute the volcanic eruption to their eventual “defeat”. Either way, it’s hard to say if the Worst Generation really “beat” the Emperors in direct combat.

However, it’s not like the Emperors are invincible. Putting aside the fact that Luffy and the like are meant to inevitably pass them on the path to greatness, there are several examples of “defeated” Emperors in One Piece. By looking at some of the biggest “defeats”, we can get a better idea of ​​what a battle against an emperor entails: what counts as a victory, what counts as a defeat, and whether certain conditions may have skewed the results. results. Once all of these definitions are cleared up, it should be much easier to determine if the Worst Generation really “won” against the Emperors.

White beard

The ideal benchmark for challenging an Emperor was set during the Marineford War. During this battle, Whitebeardthen the strongest man in the world, was subjected to all sorts of punishments before he died; he received over 460 wounds from swords, guns and cannons; he also suffered a laser blast from Admiral Kizaru and a magma blast from Admiral Akainu which cost him half of his head in the manga. Even after all of this, he kept on going before he died standing.

There’s an argument to be made for what might have happened had Whitebeard been in better shape. Many fans claim that his age and poor health were major contributors to his death. Either way, he provided an example of the difficulty associated with trying to bring down an emperor from the seas.

The Emperor’s Battles

Another thing worth considering is how to judge fights between two Emperors. There are a handful of such fights in One Piece; Whitebeard vs. Shanks, Shanks vs. Kaidō, and Kaido vs. Big Mom. However, none of these fights are shown in their entirety, and the final results are never shown.

If Emperor fights are never shown in their entirety, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of who wins and who loses, these fights reinforce the idea that emperors have their own power level and cannot be beaten by ordinary people. Thus, their invincibility remains unchallenged.

That said, there are ways to “beat” an Emperor without bringing them down in battle. In Shanks’ clash with Kaidō, for example, the former’s victory condition was to prevent the latter from intercepting Whitebeard on his way to Marineford. The details of this confrontation are not specified, but the fact that it was Shanks who arrived at Marineford rather than Kaidō implies that the latter had lost. At the same time, not knowing the details helps keep Kaidō’s reputation as the strongest creature intact, at least to the public.

Luffy and Big Mom

Luffy Big Mom

In the same way, Luffy can be said to have defeated Big Mom on Whole Cake Island. His intention was never to fight the Emperor, but rather to retrieve his friend Sanji and get out of his domain alive. Not only did he succeed, but he managed to humiliate the Emperor every step of the way; he challenged some of his strongest children; her allies came up with a comprehensive plan that allowed Big Mom to act exactly as they planned; he ruined a marriage by eating his long-awaited wedding cake and destroying a photo of Mother Caramel, his most prized possessions. Luffy and his teammates went out of their way not to beat Big Mom in a fight, which is precisely why the newspapers reported the incident as his defeat.

A more questionable loss for Big Mom comes from her attempted entry into Wano. As his ship passed the waterfall that marked the entry point, he was intercepted by King and sent back to the bottom of the water. Meanwhile, Big Mom lost her footing and fell into the water; she then washed up on shore, unconscious. If this confrontation had taken place elsewhere, it is likely that Big Mom would have beaten King without problem.

Kaido and Big Mom

It’s also important to understand what exactly happened between Big Mom and Queen. This match ended with Big Mom falling asleep and being captured. Although Queen was the last of these two to land a blow, that probably wasn’t the deciding factor in this matchup. In fact, before Big Mom accidentally fell asleep, Queen feared for her life. Again, if this was a standard fight, Queen probably would have lost every time.

While Emperors are notorious for getting caught up in adverse situations that lead to their defeat, there are times when it seems like they should rightfully come out on the losing end. A good example of this would be the battle between Kaidō and Oden years before the series began. Unfortunately, the dethroned shogun was distracted by one of Kaidō’s allies and was later struck down by the Beast King. For the way things were going up to that point, many fans were convinced that Oden would have won against Kaidō in a real match.

The battles of emperors

One Piece Worst Generation Vs Kaido And Big Mom

With all of these different definitions of defeat in mind, the idea that the Worst Generation “defeated” the Emperors becomes much more believable. At least we can say that the final results of each match lean in favor of the Worst Generation. However, for the sake of argument, here’s a closer look at the results of each game.

The first match to end was Big Mom’s fight against Kid and Law. The two worked together and used everything they had to drive Big Mom out of Onigashima. Since this effectively eliminated her from the fight, Kid and Law were declared the winners of this match.

However, it can be said that Big Mom didn’t lose to the Worst Generation in many ways. For one thing, Kid and Law failed to kill her or even knock her out, meaning she still had the physical advantage over them. Moreover, she swore revenge on them; this not only suggests that she’ll be back for another round, but also that she doesn’t feel that threatened by them. She probably knows that in most other scenarios she would have beaten them. Some of these points can also be applied to Kaidō.

Luffy Defeats Kaido

Luffy’s victory over Kaidō is also up for debate.. For one thing, it took the Straw Hat Captain no less than three separate tries to secure his victory over the Emperor. There’s also the fact that Kaidō deliberately took the brunt of his strongest attack, regardless of the consequences. Additionally, it is debatable whether Kaidō was knocked out by the attack itself or by the volcanic eruption the attack threw him into; this same debate can apply to Big Mom. All of this not to mention that Luffy miraculously acquired Gear 5 and his awakening during all of this. If Luffy technically outclassed Kaidō on this move, it’s possible he would have won under other circumstances, especially if he had fought smarter.

However, the goal here isn’t necessarily to beat the Emperors in direct combat. As proven in the past, there are all sorts of ways to fulfill victory conditions against the Emperors while still maintaining a sense of their power. While it would be satisfying to see the Worst Generation surpass these beacons of strength, what really matters right now is achieving their personal goals in these fights.

One Piece Chapter 1050

The Battle of Wano

Whether or not the battle for Wano can be counted as a loss for the Emperors, it should definitely be counted as a victory for the Worst Generation, or at least for Luffy. The latter will simply force Kaidō and his forces to retreat from Wano, which they will likely do. While Kid and Law might have felt more comfortable taking on the heads of the Emperors, they fulfilled an important win condition against Big Mom by removing her from the fight. Knocking opponents unconscious rather than killing them has always been Luffy’s win condition anyway, so he shouldn’t have a problem with that result. Even if the blowout is responsible for the knockout, they can still be proud of a victory ringing in for what it’s worth.

The Worst Generation win may not be the most ideal, but it’s a win nonetheless. They pitted their pride against that of the Emperors in a fight and ultimately emerged victorious. In this sense, they can honestly claim to have “beaten” the Sea Emperors.