One Piece: What happened to Enel after his defeat in Skypiea at the hands of Luffy? Will he return from the moon?

I think the vast majority of fans of one piece they agree that the arc of skypiea It is one of the weakest of the entire series. In general, it seems that the development of this part of the plot did not convince people due to the rhythm of its narrative or even the design of its combats, and the only thing that is usually saved from it is Enel’s character introduction.

This individual presented himself as an invincible God to whom no one could deal a single blow. Despite being really strong, Zoro and Sanji could barely do anything against him and ended up falling down in a matter of seconds. Luffy was the only one who managed to stand up to him until he defeated him, but that was not the end of Enel… Did you know that this villain ended up starring in a mini adventure on the moon in the manga of one piece?

This is what happened to Enel at the end of Skypiea

  • At the end of the Skypiea arc we saw a scene where Enel was traveling to the Moon to create a new empireand this was the last time he appeared in the One Piece anime
  • The funny thing is that this character did reappear in the manga through a mini-story that was told through the covers of various weekly chapters of the main work❗❗
  • As far as I know, all the mini-cover stories created by Eiichiro Oda are CANYONso while Luffy is still looking for One Piece, Enel is actually residing on the Moon✅✅
  • And what adventures did Enel have on the Moon?:
    • ran into a large number of automata who had been fighting against some Space Pirates for a long time
    • Enel confronted them for desecrating “their new Sacred Land”🤼‍♂️
    • After this he discovered an underground city full of robots that he recharged with his electricity🔌💡
    • The cyborgs thanked Enel and began to follow him, and later they showed him some murals where a civilization of winged people who lived on the Moon and they had the means to create these beings❓❗
    • After this the villain ddecided to stay on this star and rule over his new subjects👑

Will Enel return in the final arc of One Piece?

The story of this character could end with “and they lived happily and ate space partridges”, but many One Piece readers believe that the end has not yet come. One of the most interesting theories about Enel says that what he discovered was an old colony of the Lunariosand that after running out of resources on the Moon, they traveled to Earth and settled on the Red Line.

Considering the latest revelations taking place at Egghead, this statement is making a lot more sense. Does that mean that Enel could return to Earth to try to take revenge or conquer some kingdom?, Will he be in charge of confirming or denying that the Lunarios come from outer space? You will have to be patient to find out.

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