One Piece: What if Sabo had been in the Marineford War?

Each one has their criteria and their personal tastes, however I think that it is more or less accepted by the majority of fans of one piece that the marineford arch is one of the best of the entire series. Eiichiro Oda offered a true festival of action and emotions during this great war conflict between the Navy and the Pirates and, unfortunately for Luffy, he could not achieve the objective for which he decided to get into the thick of it. He couldn’t save his brother.

Portgas D. Ace ultimately lost his life protecting Luffy from Akainu’s deadly attack, and that’s a fact. Much later it was revealed that sabothe third “brother” of the protagonist, was still alive, so many readers began to wonder why didn’t he also go to Marineford. This was explained later, but still Oda-sensei wanted to do a “What if?” to tell what would have happened if this situation had occurred.

What if Sabo had gone to the Marineford War?

  • The author of one piece produced a mini manga chapter titled “Special Episode Luff” where he presents a hypothetical situation in which Sabo appears in the Marineford arc
  • The second in command of the Revolutionary Army would have been in charge of save Luffy and Ace from Akainu’s attack at the last moment❗❗❗
  • With the battle now over (and Whitebeard dead), this trio would have met again in a forest to toast again with sake and reaffirm their brotherhood; Ace would still be alive!✅
  • Unfortunately for Luffy and Sabo, at the end of this “What if?” they both wake up to find that It had all been a dream❌❌
If Sabo had been in Marineford, Ace would still be alive.

And why didn’t Sabo go to rescue Ace?

In case anyone does not remember exactly why Sabo did not go to help his brother, it should be noted that it was all due to a memory leak. Since he joined the Revolutionary Army under Mokey D. Dragon, Sabo trained day after day without remembering anything of his past life, therefore for him Ace was a pirate like any other.

He did not recover his memories until he read the news of his brother’s death in the newspaper.. Oda prepared a whole family tragedy for us that made more than one shed a tear.

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