One Piece: What if Xebec D. Rocks didn’t have a devil fruit? – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 27, 2022 at 11:34

The mythical Xebec D. Rocks has been talked about a lot since the first time it was mentioned by Garp. Didn’t this monster of power have a particularity, which justified its performance of madness?

The Yonkou are particularly impressive in One Piece, with a terrible strength that makes even the Navy tremble. Shanks, Big Mom, Kaidô, Whitebeard in his time… each of them has the power to create chaos. And, madness of history, these last three sailed at one time under the same banner, that of the pirate Xebec D. Rocks, who had at one time threatened the World Government and the Tenryubito, to the point of raising against him an unholy alliance between Garp and Gold Roger. It is therefore clear that this terrifying figure must have had insane power in his hands to have terrors like Kaidô under his orders and lead to the creation of explosive chords. A power that could well have a very particular origin.

The crew that scared the world

Indeed, with Kaidō’s admission, it was learned that haki was superior to Devil Fruit, illustrating this statement with the most typical case, that of Gold Roger, who became Lord of the Pirates without having eaten Devil Fruit. Given the madness created by Xebec, could it be that he too is not another example of this superiority of haki over devil fruits, just like Garp? Indeed, Oda did not seem to choose the timing of this revelation at random, since we arrive at the home stretch of One Piece, with Luffy who has awake the strongest fruit, the Hito Hito no mi, model Nika. It’s a way of saying that from now on, all valid opponents of the Straw Hat, as well as those who will be mentioned, will be figures characterized by their mad mastery of haki.

Xebec, the ultimate stage of haki?

A Xebec without Devil Fruit could thus serve to show what power can be summoned by fully mastering haki. We’ll also get more details on the Garp/Gold Roger vs. Xebec fight, with maybe even Grandpa Monkey explaining directly to Luffy how to get to the level of the two legends for the end of his adventure.

And you, what do you think, Xebec, full-haki?