One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon’s power? Did he eat a Devil Fruit?

Throughout the more than twenty years that one piece has been active, all kinds of mysteries and enigmatic characters. Eiichiro Oda takes his time when it comes to developing his story, and little by little he clears up the unknowns while relating them to Luffy’s journey. However, the fans are still waiting for Monkey D Dragon do something really relevant.

We are supposed to be dealing with the father of the protagonist, the leader of the Revolutionary Army (the direct enemies of the World Government) and a person who was dubbed “the most wanted criminal in the world.” How is it possible that to this day he has hardly done anything remarkable in the One Piece plot? In the absence of knowing what the mangaka plans to do with it, today I want to address one of the biggest mysteries of this character: his supposed powers.

Dragon could have the powers of a very important fruit

The introduction of Dragon would have given us a key clue
  • Many times it was dropped that Monkey D. Dragon is a tremendously powerful person who seeks to become even stronger in order to overthrow the World Government, but it is unknown what kind of abilities he possesses exactly❌
  • The most widespread theory, which is based on the scene where he saves his son Luffy from Smoker’s hands in Loguetown, is that he has the power of the Kaze Kaze no mi, the Wind Devil Fruit❗❗❗
  • This is supported by the fact that when Dragon appeared before his son, he suddenly unleashed a strong wind that created tornadoes and even destroyed the Navy cannons that they might have prevented the flight of the mugiwara; Don’t you think he is too suspicious?✅✅
  • Another possibility being considered is that there is actually ingested a fruit that allows him to control the weatherand that is why it would explain that Luffy was saved from being executed thanks to miraculous lightning, that in Loguetown it began to rain heavily or the wind that I explained before❗
  • In addition there are small details that relate the character to the wind, like the fact that he always looks east whenever he notices a change in the breeze or that the people of Goa realized that the day Dragon appeared before them, it was windier than usual❓❓

Although it hurts us, It looks like Dragon won’t do anything really important until the very last arcs of One Piece arrive., when the Revolutionary Army finally directly confronts the World Government. Will we see a Dragon vs. Im fight? Or, on the contrary, will he face his father Monkey D. Garp? Hopefully the theory of the power of the wind is confirmed, it could give some very interesting results.

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