One Piece: What is the CP0, who are its members and what do they want?

Eiichiro Oda clarified weeks ago that the next saga of One Piece will be the last, so that very soon it will begin to shed light on all the mysteries that it has been raising for two decades. I could spend hours talking about everything what we still do not know about the universe of the workso this time I will focus on talking about a group that will have special relevance in what is to come.

I mean the Cipher Pol Aigis 0better known as the PC0. But beware, this command should not be confused with the CP9 that we saw in Ennies Lobby, since in this case I am referring to the one that is above all and which is being seen a lot in the last arcs of one piece. With that said, below I will explain EVERYTHING you need to know about its objectives, members and others.

Of course I will deal with some issues that are SPOILER for all those who are not up to date with the One Piece manga, so if you keep reading you already know what you are risking.

The keys of the CP0

The CP0 in Wano
  • The CP0 is the most important and prominent intelligence division of the entire World Government❗
  • They carry out direct orders from the Celestial Dragons (the tenryuubitto) and their main task is to protect them from any threat⭐
  • The pirate donquixote doflamingo it was the only exception that could also resort to the services of the CP0 when needed
  • Its members usually dress in whiteand some (said to be the most important) even carry More expensive tribal✅
  • they have a lot presence in the Underworld and the Black Marketbecause one of its most prominent members is infiltrated in the underworld❗❗

Known members

Lucci, Hattori, Kaku and Stussy at the Reverie
  • Rob Lucci– The antagonist of the Water 7 and Ennies Lobby arcs who was part of CP9 until he was defeated by Luffy
  • Hattori: Lucci’s pigeon
  • kaku: a swordsman who was also part of CP9
  • Spandam: former CP9 leader
  • Stussy: one of the people who pulls the strings of the Underworld (although she is actually infiltrated); We got to see her in action in the Whole Cake arc.
  • Guernica: a towering guy who manages to escape with his life from Onigashima
  • Maha: Another tall person who traveled to Wano to negotiate with Orochi and ended up fighting Izo in the Onigashima War
  • Speaker and the guy in the red mask: These two characters have not revealed their real names yet; the first is the one who led the group of Dressrossa and Wano and ended up sabotaging Luffy and Kaido’s fight, while the second was in the Levely with Lucci
  • Others: Although they have not yet officially appeared with the CP0, it is known that Blueno and Kalifa are also part of this group

Objectives and missions carried out

Lucci, Hattori, Stussy and Kaku on their way to Egg Island
  • In Dressrosa they helped Doflamingo to calm people down after his resignation from the shichibukai post was made public, claiming it was a mistake by the newspaper
  • Later Spandam, Lucci and Hattori came to the island to retrieve some weapons that were kept underground, but the Revolutionary Army had already taken them
  • Stussy was seen at the wedding between Sanji and Pudding to gather information and investigate about the Tamatebako
  • During the LevelyLucci, Stussy, Kaku and Hattori faced those who dared to challenge the Tenryuubito Charlos
  • In wanoMaha, Guernica and the Speaker went to negotiate with Orochi to agree on the terms of a arms sales, but were involved in the Onigashima War; there they received orders to capture Nico Robin and kill Luffy for fear that his fruit would wake up
  • The last we know about the CP0 is that attime they go to Egg Island with the aim of eliminating the six versions of Vegapunkand by the way leave a Seraphim there with the appearance of Kuma

And this concludes my review of all the relevant details about the CP0. I hope that it has been helpful to you, and if you find something that you think is important and that I have left out, I encourage you to put it in the comments!

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