One Piece: What is the Sulong and what are its best appearances?

The world of One Piece has a very diverse population. The “Land of Wano” arc alone features Giants, Minks, Samurai, Fishmen, the Longarm tribe, Humans, and a Lunarian. Although they mostly share a similar appearance, some races have unique abilities and characteristics. Lunarians, for example, have the ability to ignite certain parts of their bodies. Likewise, the Minks, who make up a good portion of the Straw Hats’ allies, have the Sulong.

Minks are anthropomorphic animals living mainly in the Zou. Unlike Chopper and other Zoan Devil Fruit users, Minks, like Fish-Man, are naturally half-animals. Despite this, they only appear to be fur-covered mammals like rabbits and jaguars. Minks are born warriors, with greater physical abilities than ordinary humans and the ability to produce electrical discharges from their bodies, called Electro. However, what really makes them terrifying is the ability they can only use once per blue moon.

Staring directly at the full moon allows Minks to use their Sulong forms. The transformation begins with the pupils shrinking, followed by the eyes turning blood red. Minks’ fur becomes patchy, especially in the hairiest parts like the mane and tail, and turns completely white. Finally, their body gets bigger because the Electro constantly surrounds them. The Sulong is also said to be the true form of the Minks.

The Sulong form not only changes the appearance of Minks. It also exponentially increases the physical abilities of Minks, especially those they already master. For Carott, it was all about his jumping ability and agility. The Sulong form also grants the race enough strength for Dogstorm to call it the race’s trump card. Even Pekoms was sure he could distract an entire army of Big Mom Pirates single-handedly in this form. However, this ability is not without drawbacks.

It can only be activated when a mink stares at the full moon without any obstructions, which means it is possible to not activate it despite the presence of a full moon. Mastering it before using it is also essential for many reasons. An untrained mink will lose consciousness and immediately go berserk after using the Sulong. The Sulong also requires a lot of energy, and continued use for an entire night will result in death. Nor is the transformation instantaneous. There is a window of vulnerability during the transformation, which any clever enemy can exploit.

The wild form first appeared during the “Cake Island” arc. When the Thousand Sunny was surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates. Carrot volunteered to face them alone and transformed into Sulong. The bunny with powers quickly took care of several Big Mom pirate ships and even ripped the rudder off Daifuku’s ship.

The Sulong make a more frequent appearance during the All-Out War against the Beast and Big Mom Pirate’s alliance. Cat Viper and Dogstorm reveal their Sulong forms in their fight against Jack. The Musketeers and Guardians also followed suit and took care of an entire platoon. Meanwhile, Cat Viper and Dogstorm quickly defeated Jack, only managing to finish him off due to Kaido’s interference.

The Minks’ ability to transform the Sulong is one of the strongest natural abilities in the world of One Piece. However, this does not come at a price. Not only does it have to be mastered to avoid going berserk, but using it to excess can also lead to death, making it a double-edged sword.